YQ's 19th bday celebration @ Minds Cafe

*Juz hoping tat I made a gd decision. Music.*

Met Michelle, SS and MT. Michelle and SS went to get YQ's bday cake 1st, and left for Minds Cafe while MT and I waited for XY and YQ to arrive at Bugis Junction. *Tot I saw cousin XY at Bugis Junction with her friend eh~* 4 of us went over to Minds Cafe and I recommended the gals to play "Shadow Hunters" haha! I had the shroom and fish spag... nice. The free flow fruit punch wasn't too bad either. XY was the "angel"... couldn't bear to "attack" us most of the time haha. *No lor... the other 4 were "evil"... all tried to "slaughter" my "Hunter" character off during the 1st game nia~* Played "Taboo" later. Whoa sey... YQ and XY were the super gd pair at guessing! They were fast and gd! Michelle and SS were rather gd too... hehe but both our teams were like "gan-jeong" spiders lol. My team... MT a bit suay to pair with me la... cos I'm only gd at guessing, poor at hinting/telling the guess. *I would get both "tongue and brain tied" LOL!* Hehe but my backgrd info on "History of SG" nt bad ah~ MT was saying: "Yusof Ishak blah..." and I knew it was "Benjamin Sheares"~ The others had their eyes "popping out" le LOL! *proud hehe*
Hmm come to think of it, I used to really like SG History, and I did read up all my history textbooks once I gt my hands on them when I was in pri 5, 6 and lower sec years haha. But aiyoh, I did once answered a History qn in Pri 3/4 wrongly and I can rmb till nw! It was a mini quiz given to us... and I saw this qn: "Who is the current president of SG?" I looked thru the options and only found 1 name familiar to the 9/10 yr old me at tat time: Mr Goh Chok Tong... and I happily "ticked" against tat as my ans, and confidently tot tat I was right for sure! Went home and mum was like... "Doi gal u dun even have the faintest idea of SG current news ah... president is Mr Ong Teng Chong la!" So u see how famous Mr Goh was compared to Mr Ong at tat pt of time!? *Haha... kidding la... let me off ba... I was only a pri sch kid then.*

Still, in the end... Michelle and SS lost the game... had to finish a glass of drink as forfeit. Celebrated YQ's bday and we brought out the cake at ard 3.30pm haha~ she was surprised and happy la! We gt her an Oreo Cheese cake, plus wallet and the "QING" above hehe... oh the cheese smell was strong wor~ Played "Heart Attack" upon bday gal's request. We only had the 3rd round and accident happened! Think SS was too excited then she knocked off the glass of cappucinno/fruit punch on the table~ YQ the bday gal was poor thing la... she and SS gt "splashed" lol! YQ had her jeans wet, while SS wet some parts of her shorts too.
We moved to another sofa beside, and Michelle decided we play a "more peaceful" game haha. We tried this "You're pulling my leg" and this is basically a "guess-if-the-person-is-telling-a-true/fake-experience-of-theirs". Hmm well gt to know tat all of them were really gd liars~ except me! *Okie~ this is nt a compliment for myself lor... it only goes to show tat I'm very bad at telling lies in games. My heart thumps fast when I lie in a game leh... macham guilty la!* Left the place at 5.30... and it amounted to about $13 per person. YQ, Michelle and XY went home, while SS, MT and I went to Marina Square for dinner and bowling hehe. The place was originally booked by a company for some company event I think, but the person there allowed us a lane for about an hr... 2 games lor... about $10 each person. We gt the corner lane... better for beginners like us la haha.
MT's gt "superwoman arm strength" lor! The way she swung her ball with her arms was kinda high o~ SS used her left hand and haha everytime she threw out her ball... she'd crossed her leg... like she was "scared" of the outcome haha. As for me... my arms get tired easily neh haha. Had dinner at Food Court... and we chatted a lot about Japanese/Korean idols and dramas.