The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Had tuition with Goklas and Jorrick. Both gt to brush up on their Chinese though. Felt a little better to know tat there's a slight improvement in Jorrick's Chinese, but he definitely has a lot more to do.

Met up with PH at night, after her last paper, and we caught "The Twilight Saga: New Moon".Hmm, din felt as bored as the book itself I reckon. Less "lovey-dovey" scene as compared to the novel, but still more compared to other movies haha. Ok la, this is a romance-based movie mah.
Ppl like Charlise, Alice, Bill and others appeared rather little in this movie though, cos the main focus (as wat PH said) is to bring out the discovery of the identity of Jacob Black as a werewolf. Well, Taylor Lautner's got a "real fine" bod haha~ in which his face looked a little bit childish in it lol.
Gt to say, Dakota Fanning did made an impression on me a bit... she's gt the "presence" u see. Oh and I liked the "wolf's fight" and the "chemistry" bet Bella and Jacob. Nt much about Edward in the show this time round.

Oh yeah, there was a grp of China gals behind me chit-chattering kinda loudly over Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson as to who's better-looking... “
我喜欢那个‘阳光肌肉’的...”... *Oh gosh~发花痴in the theatres so loudly neh!* A bit irritated eh. But I won't deny the fact that both are gd-looking in their own ways. Taylor Lautner's gt a boyish face and pretty eyes, while Robert Pattinson's "smirk"... tat smile of his looks unique too. Still, PH and I prefer the“阳光”guy more haha.
*Is it only me, or all the actors (except for Taylor Lautner) looked less gd-looking in this show?*

Rating: 3.5/5 (0.25 for Jacob Black... biased haha!)