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Aerial Yoga + Genki sushi with HT & Alina + LL's bday @ Masizzim & VR game, Oppa BBQ & darts + Tskuji Sushi Takewaka & Transformers: The Last Knight + Emirates PPD + Pin Xin catering & desserts + DM farewell lunch + Nua PotaTOH's date + visit to Yishun Pri & dinner + 四马路&Tom Yum Mama + swim & beer rice &真正男子汉2

27/6/17 Tues: Started my hourly aerial yoga lessons at ITE College West. Seems like full attendance on a tues night~ Diana was very patient with beginners, and even though I had one trial lesson of aerial yoga previously, fear still got to me when we were asked to do some moves like inversion and half hand-stands. And it must hav been some time since I did exercise regularly that I had serious DOMS for the next 5 days or so~ muscles worked in aerial yoga = no kidding sia!
1/7/17 Sat: HT recommended Genki sushi for dinner, and Alina and I treated the bday girl to it. Then, we had a gd time chit-chatting like kids at the open rooftop of Bugis+. We're all facing different situations in work and relationship, but it's nice to share and talk it out.
2/7/17 Sun: Regina recommended Masizzim at Somerset 313 for LL's bday lunch, and I kinda enjoyed their "hand-made riceball" and rice barley drink. Their chicken stew was a bit too spicy and the meat was too dry though. Jess …

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