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하백의 신부 + Dinner at Potato's place + MM & Andre's wedding dinner @ Wheeler's Estate + The Hospital escape rm + KTV & dinner with XY + Jeremy's bday @ Chikuwatei Nishi

Thought the fantasy drama "하백의 신부" (Bride of the Water God) could be as funny as "Goblin", so decided to catch it...
The drama was, first and foremost, draggy. I guess there wasn't much to the story except for finding the sacred stones and the love line between the water god하백 (남주혁) and his mortal servant윤소아 (신세경)... 故事有些空泛。I don't speak Korean, so I don't know how well the actors are saying their lines, but Korean netizens said the two leads "lack feelings" in their lines~ yeah they do sound dull.
But luckily we had신후예 (임주환), the supposedly 2nd lead who's a half human and half god that saved the show man! Nope he didn't really caught my eye at the start cos I thought he was a tad too thin lol~ but slowly as the show progresses, whoa one can tell he can act~ his eyes esp... the expressions were juz gd, be it pure gd or evil keke. *I hope he gets to star as the male lead in some drama soon~ wanna watch!*
And because of 임주환, I'm now cat…

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