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The Only Living Boy in New York + Liar Game (dramas and The Last Stage movie) + Dad's belated bday dinner + my belated bday dinner with XY + MICapella concert + Thor: Ragnarok and dinner with Potato's family + Gold Cup PPD + Army Stew at WX's

Callum Turner is freaking hot in the show keke! Didn't know he's British cos he sounds all American in thr. So, the sch boy fell for his dad's mistress in New York omo~ to eventually find out what went on between his dad, mum and the author whom had appeared as his new neighbour... apparently his dad. *Can't wait to see him in the new Fantastic Beasts movie!*

Rating: 4/5
Potato recommended me to watch Liar Game, a Jap Manga-turned-drama with 2 seasons, and then I was so addicted I had to watch the movie Liar Game: The Last Stage too.
It's simple with no r/s or much human emotions involved, besides greed and jealous haha. The only angel in the show was Nao Kanzaki (Erika Toda)~ she's so naive and kind-hearted that sometimes I felt the character's too fake lol. Shinichi Akiyama (Shota Matsuda) is the genius-cum-heartthrob (only gd-looking guy thr LOL)~ who agreed to be in Liar game to help Nao Kanzaki out. I enjoyed most of their games, and the show illustrates …

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