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Home-cooked cheesy army stew + swimming + Beauty and The Beast + Tsuta Ramen & Logan + TV interview + Zanzibar travelogue + The Boss Baby

14/3/17 Tues: Done my annual appraisal with Simon, Jess and Mike. I would be doing more initially, but I don't think so as I got to work solo again soon. Oh well, not that I'm new to this, but it would be a bit more diff to make arrangements to go on leave as and when I'd like to. *Have to work out a more flexible working table for myself.*
18/3/17 Sat: Potato bought the ingredients for our hm-cooked army stew with cheese omo~ WX and Jere popped by later, and Potato's mum joined us for it too~ shiok for a start, but it gets salty towards the end of cos haha. *Happy 16th Monthsary to Potato too! He bought me Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!*
20/3/17 Mon: Promised Potato to learn to swim properly after cycling. It rained in the morning, but luckily the weather was welcoming in the late afternoon, so we walked over to Yishun Safra pool for my "lesson". 
I did frogstyle at the 1.2m pool nia la~ and at first, as I am still a bit fearful of waters (since the &…

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