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ABC Pho with Potato + Kumar stand-up comedy with Potato & YB's gatecrash discussion + African gang dinner meet-up + Korean detox sauna + own-made Viet rolls + Clay necklace-making with YB + 2D1N The Canopi @ Bintan + Nakhon & Sunday Folks farewell for Eugene + Parents' Day dinner + Children's Biennale exhibition &天公仔with Potato

28/4/17 Fri: No race day duty today, so bought Potato to try the ABC Pho as it's their last day of operation. He loved it too! 29/4/17 Sat: Aft tuition, met Potato for Kumar's Stand-up Comedy at Esplanade... he bought the tickets months in advance to surprise me lol. 1hr of "shooting" by Kumar~ haha yes I laughed, but boy I found he looked kinda tired. *Oh well I wonder if comedians get sick of their work at times?* Then, we went over to listen to Potato's friend Zeeaura perform with her two other musician friends. She has a very soothing voice, and we enjoyed their performance! Headed over to YB's place to discuss about her gatecrash with WX, Jess, Brenda and Iris. 5/5/17 Fri: Couldn't resist the temptation and ordered delivery for 4 bottles of The Juicy Way~ The Big Bang is still my bias la!
6/5/17 Sat: Met up with the African gang at Long Ji Crab Beehoon for dinner. The signature wok fried crab bee hoon is a must try of cos~ and yep it smells greatly of &…

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