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2 Of Us gig @ Esplanade & Standing Sushi Bar + PotaTOH's flat selection day + MOE surety form signing & visit to Mervyn's + Chirashi King Kong for XY's belated bday &粽子@ Potato's + YY's wedding @ Fullerton, ChillaxAsia entrepreneur exhibition & KTV with XY and SS + Wedding band & soccer match @ Woodlands CC

1/6/18 Fri: Wanted to buy some MIRU daily contacts, and went JE to have my eyes checked at Menicon. Was shocked when the optometrist told me my degrees kept fluctuating throughout that 2-3 checks. Could be due to eye muscles or fatigue and strain from work. I reckon it's my bad habit of using my hp in the dark at night. *Hav to cut that away!* I will have my eye check in 3mths' time again, and if the prob persists, I have to go back to the hospital for another eye exam, like what I did 2 yrs ago.
4/6/18 Mon: Potato and I went to Esplanade to support "2 of us"~ enjoyed their 45mins of gig whr they sang mostly oldies and dialect songs. Halfway thru, a large crowd appeared and seem to enjoy it a lot! Potato caught up with Ernest and CT aft tat, before we tried this "What's your skin age" test at SKII's booth at Raffles City. Guess what? my face skin is 39years old OMG! His only 26 neh! *Gosh where has the effort of all these保养thingy that girls do went d…

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