Weather Girl

*Mr Si Won and Mr Kyu Hyun ah... aren't those eyes seductive? Lol... killing fangirls.*

Dled 10epi of "그들이 사는 세상" (他们生活的世界) but I was already slpy towards the 3rd epi, and finally stopped when I was watching halfway thru epi5.The leads din attract me, nor did the storyline... though it's rather interesting to talk about Korean's drama production nowadays. Saw some ugly truths behind the glamour. Song Hye Go was pretty, but Hyun Bin... nt very gd-looking imo. The 2 looked rather gd together though.

Watched Star King with SJ-M and SHINee on it. There's this robot dance which I was truly amazed with! Those tiny figs can easily be a new dance grp sia!

And Jong Hyun, Jo Kwon, Sung Min and this handicapped boy performed an accapella version of "My Love"... nice one.

SJ-M went onto佼佼's show“佼个朋友吧”and I was stunned by Henry's violin skills... look at how fast his fingers fly over those strings from 00:59 onwards!

Caught "Weather Girl" at night.
Rating: 3/5