Saw this "Green Sports Song" by 2PM. Really like the concept in Korea whr they use artistes to promote the awareness for a clean and green environment... I think this works for fans. Junho's chipmunk voice was funny... and the scene whr Nich Khun rolled a lot of toilet papers and gt stopped by Taec Yeon... funny!

Went singing at K Safra at Boon Lay with Jess on Tues night. It's my 1st time there... and there's live world cup telecast at the 1st flr lor! It's the $8 promo... sang from 7 till ard 9.45pm. It's freezing inside the rm! We were oni in there for 15mins and yes I am cold already.
I think cos of the recording system over there, so the收音of the mic is diff from other outlet's. Our voices came out kinda diff in the mic... like wat Jess described: 好像被包住了一层的声音. And when we A/D the song, the music would become so much softer... esp when singing ballads, I can hear my voice loud but somehw muffled. We tried recording one fast song (“Get High”)and slow one(“我的爱”)and even though the recording for the ballad came out rather clear, as in my voice stood out as compared to the music, I still dun like the mic there cos I feel like I hav to put in extra force to sing. *And oh no I dun like hearing my own voice so muffled.*  
After a while, Jess and I were "frozen"... and we tried to jump ard the rm so as to"defroze" u see~ lol. Could literally hear our voices shaking when singing... too cold le la! Anyway, I dun think I would want to go there again haha.

Was real busy at work today. I had to re-arrange the files in the compactor and take note of the dates of some documents in the files. And after finishing my department's, I'd have to help out with Schemes & Provision's one as well. The director wants the list by coming fri... oh no I wonder if I can finish by then? And yeah, I jolly well forgot my password to my office laptop's windows logon and lotus note... so arghh the IT person is getting back to me tml... hopefully cos I haven been able to read/send office emails these 2 days. *Ok.... friends and colleagues are joking tat I played too much in BKK haha.*
Anyway, it's a half day work for me and LL today cos our whole department's gg for retreat at Marina Barrage... kite-flying session haha. After lunch, Jess and I sat outside and talked for a while, b4 tat gal "unwillingly" returned to office haha~ I went for tuition with Saya.

*I can't stand guys who don't admit to their mistakes.*

So sad that the World Cup matches tat I'm interested in watching seems to take place mostly at SG time 2.30am~ which means I can oni catch the replays. And while watching Japan VS Paraguay last night... I gave up watching after both parties couldn't score any goal during the extra 30mins. Just saw from newspaper today tat Paraguay won the penalties 5-3... a pity to the Japanese team though... they fought hard and penalty kick is like the most cruel part of the淘汰赛. 
*Shrugs... Portugal lost 0-1 to Spain! Haiz... well Spain's quite a gd team la... maybe more excitment in the later part of the game with them. Lol... I dun deny the fact tat I like Portugal cos of C.Ronaldo and Figo.* 

Busy watching variety shows at night. Just saw epi35 of "Dream Team Season 2"... I'm amazed by Danny Ahn's high jump skills! And Dong Jun really reminds me of "little C.Ronaldo" lol~ 190610's Star King episode was shiok... Kyu Hyun's singing melted me la haha. Those b-boys had my jaws dropped thruout their performance... I mean whr exactly is the limitation to human body exploration!? They are so flexible! Superb performance. *Oh and hilarious Alexander as the "referee" who pops out with yellow and red cards nw and then is cute lol.* Dong Hae performed a short b-boy dance too... but his internal mic flew out~ and during the 2nd time, he gt too giddy, lost balance and fell... haha "flower boy" Dong Hae ah! The piano performance with NichKhun and the pianist was a beautiful one too. Alamak... the soccer freestyle kid was impressive too~ his stunt performance using a soccer ball~ thumbs up!