Bangkok trip 23rd Jun 10 (Day 3)


Had breakfast we walked to Pratunam market, which we did passed by during the 1st day but cos we were all too hungry to explore so we skipped this market then. Shopped ard for 2.5hrs ba… brought many clothes. There’s this one stall whr I bought 4 tees and the uncle actually quoted THB 80 for each, so by right it shld hav been THB 320 in all, but in the end he oni collected THB 240 from me… guess he tot I bought 3 (cos I took 2 of the same design)… wow which means I saved THB 80!
SY and CZ bought and tried the local “oaktak” from one of the mobile stalls while I was looking at tees for mum. It was kinda diff from SG one cos it was big, fat and had a mix of veggies in it, and Thai ppl would buy and eat it with white rice, according to SY.

6 of us met up and shopped at Indra Square as well. The sellers there would sell clothes at wholesale price if we buy usually 3 pieces at least… and sometimes the price diff could be up to THB 100 o!
After tat, we cabbed down to MBK mall, whr we walked past their National Stadium when directed by the customer service lady at MBK mall. She told us the FBT building was oni JUZ BESIDE the National Stadium… and man we walked like 15-20mins b4 we finally saw the FBT building. *FBT is by far the most “well-known” landmark in BKK we reckon cos it seems everyone noes whr it is… no matter which Thai ppl we asked haha.* Manage to get 3 FBT shorts for bro and myself… THB 309 in all.
We went to the mall opposite FBT building for lunch. And can u imagine!? SY, PG, DY and I took 10mins to wait and cross the road haha! It’s kinda dangerous when u see cars zooming fast, in both directions on the same stretch of road. Was deciding between The Pizza Company and KFC b4 we settled down at KFC hehe. PG, SY, CZ and I shared a family meal… plus a fish burger each… super full!
Thereafter, we walked back to Siam Discovery Centre. It’s a shopping centre tat sells branded stuff lor… same as Siam paragon which we went later. *I saw 2PM’s big ad on the walls of the Siam building! And it’s weird to hear more Korean songs than Thai songs when I’m like in BKK instead of Seoul lol… “Korean wave”~* SY wanted to go to “Plaza 29” which she found out online, but it seems the customer service lady at Siam Discovery Centre din noe *oh man she’s gt attitude prob la!* Went back MBK since GT they all gt stuffs to buy. SY, CZ and I went Starbucks to sit and rest our legs haha. Then, we went to get some土产食品… costed me about THB 310.
Tried free Thai Iced tea at the 5th Avenue food court cos tourists were entitled to it! *I had to dig my cramped bag for my passport cos they need tat as proof tat u’re a foreigner lol.* Very sweet though… and then 3 of us began talking about bird nest… it’s from CZ tat I noe bird nest is actually the “phlegm/saliva” from swallows when they build their nest… and the top grade“红燕”(?) is actually the blood Swallows vomit out when they are exhausted from building their nests! *Oh nw it sounds as cruel to eat bird nest soup as to eating sharks’ fin soup…*

While on the cab back to Tango, we realised it’d started to rain again, and for fear tat “history would repeat itself”, we rushed to get out of the cab, opened our umbrellas and rushed to the sheltered overhead bridge leading to our hotel area.
*Oh I’m so flustered by my missing packet of kiwi! I’m guessing it most probably dropped at the back of the cab when we “ran for our lives” cos of the rain. It tasted so nice lor… aiyah my THB 80~*
Put our stuffs in our rms, b4 we went downstairs to the seafood stall nex to the hotel for dinner. It was an “indulgement” after the sharks’ fin soup at南星酒家eh. We ordered tiger prawns (like 100g per prawn), sotong, veggie and fried rice. The sotong sauce was sweet and spicy… nice. Anyway, all the sauces tasted gd cos they were nt tat salty. *The tiger prawn dish was over-priced seriously.* All in all, each of us paid THB 320 for this meal! Expensive sia. *Okie la… it almost equals my one pot of sharks’ fin soup earlier haha~*
Late at night, CZ, GT and DY went for Thai massage, while SY, PG and I stayed back to online. *Can see tat CZ’s “addicted” to massaging seriously! Oh I’m afraid to try cos I can’t take the pain and itchiness.* Caught World Cup live late into the night while I laid lazily on bed… and I caught NHK World’s documentary on Geisha too… fascinated by it sia.
Realised hw "scary" the building across the street looks at night? And it is actualli diff in the morning haha.