*Rainy day... cold ah!*

Suay sia my Lotus email acct can't log in again! I juz changed the pw ysd and yet I couldn't log in this morning. The IT person told me I had to wait for another 3-4 working days again for a new pw, but Regina couldn't stand them, so she called and told the person to expedite my case... so the guy said he would give it to me coming Monday.

Raining heavily when Jess and I went for lunch. Tried the spaghetti store, "Hugs n Kisses, Pizza and Pasta" at the coffee shop and I think we made the right choice hehe! *As compared to ysd lol~* It's by a Philippines uncle and he mentioned tat he juz started the business nt long ago, and therefore din hire anyone to help him if nt he would nt make money lol. There are new food addition to his menu nex wk, so he recommended them to us... and he has a similar way of selling like Aston does: 1 main dish + 2 side dishes for oni $5.90/$6.90 lor!
Jess tried the Cabonara ($4.90) while I ordered the Vongole in White Wine ($6.90). The portion sorta shocked us when it came lor... big! *My plate is larger than Jess's one la... so the portion of noodles is really generous one lo.*
Oh both of them were really delicious! Jess's one was creamy enough... but she said too much would get a little sick of it but I reckon it's normal for most Cabonara dishes. I found hers a little salty though... due to the bacon meat ba. Still, it's nice. My one was fragrant... cos of the white wine. And man it's really tasty la~
And cos uncle was really generous... juz look at hw many "la la" I hav! Jess even suggested tat we count... so we spread out all the shells lol... and there's 30! *I doubt u hav tat much even if u eat煮炒and ordered this as a dish alone lor!*
I'm nt too sure but I reckon this uncle looks promising in the line... so I am looking forward to his new dishes, as well as those bbq-ed chicken wings and pizzas etc! Had a Paddle Pop ice-cream ($0.80) after tat... oh my childhood fav dessert sia!

Caught the 1st match of World Cup quarter finals with Brazil VS Netherlands. Barely 10mins into the game and with the help of his mate, Robinho gt Brazil's 1st goal in this match! A straight and long distance ball when his mate passed the ball to him... pretty passing and finisning there. Seems like there's many fierce body contacts and verbal argues in this match... maybe cos it's the quarter finals and winning meant too much to both sides. *Lucky Kaka maintained his“温和先生” reputation haha.* Anyway, besides the "show" on the field, I tot Brazil's coach Dunga had many face expressions too lol. Oh and wat the heck is Melo doing!? Stepping on Robben's legs!? A few of the Brazilian players hav too bad a temper I reckon... and with the Netherlands-ers keeping their cool... Brazil's samba dance on the field indeed gotten "jelly" neh~
Brazil lost! Oh my god~ the hot fav. Anyway, though I like Kaka, but the whole team's performance was gd during the 1st half, but they became messier during the 2nd half... esp after losing 1 ball to Netherlands. Well... nv had the taste of defeat mah... so guess they lost their cool. Esp near the end when there's one time when there's almost no player at Brazil's side of the goal to defend their ground, and audience literally saw a Netherlands player dashing forward and nearing Brazil's keeper. *I think I saw Kaka jumped out from there suddenly... think he's nt as "hot-headed" as other team members who already clean forgotten about defending but oni attacking/getting a goal in their mind.*
Much as I stand with the favs, I tot Netherlands was the more deserving team this time round. Hopefully, some of the Brazilian players learns to stay cool when needed... and nt so“热情”all the time. I mean yes they are "champions" in the eyes of millions of fans, but they can't be on the top forever. *Times change, ppl change... and so do champions.*