NCSS Flea Market

*Eli on Dream Team~ omg... they all looked like they were having fun in the 'Tsunami" ride~*

A bit busy helping out Lynette, HQ and CP they all with the filing of the docs for their panel meeting nex wk on fri. Went out for lunch a lil' later than usual, but anyway... it's a kinda a "slacker afternoon" for almost all ppl in NCSS ba? Haha.
Again... pics shall talk:
I tot the "Love is the little things" tat LL bought for $2 nia looks fun. *Imagine if my bf turns out to be a "romantic turn-off"... this game would be gd haha!* I bought the small choco cupcakes (6 for $4) Joyce'd make... super delicious! Jess and I oso gt the blue berry muffin ($2 each)~ haha. 2 of us shared the chicken meat sandwich ($4) but it was oni s0-so. Later on, I gt ML to help me get the "3 for $2" tarts too... shared with LL and Jess and I bought home mine... cos was simply too full to eat them all. *Jess shocked me with her "eating ability" sia...* And Eileen gave me tat bag she gt for $1 at the flea market haha.
After the whole flea market event ended, there were some "left-overs"... so I went over to Farzanah's side and took 3 books from her! *Dunno if I would start on them anytime sooner mah?*

Night cancelld my badminton exercise with Jess cos she "dumped" me and went to see Taiwan's“小小彬”at Lot 1.

*Looks like I can't make it to the pri sch gathering le... will be in Shanghai when they gather haha.*


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