Lunch @ Haato + 活该你单身

Jess and I juz reached the lobby of NCSS and it was already filled with ppl! NCSS staff were told to go and cheer for the YOG runners along Ghim Moh rd in the morning. Everyone was super excited la... macham an even more joyous event as compared to National Day haha.
*William gave up blowing the "vuezuela-alike" horn thingy in the end... "old" liao la haha.*
I knew QW was running as well... but din noe she was only like down the bus stop... so din go look for her.

Regina said she felt like driving out to lunch today, so LL, Jess and I hopped on her car and we went Mt. Sinai rd again... and this time round it's nt E-Sarn Thai food we went, but to the restaurant nex to it... Haato!
Regina recommended the chicken katsu curry... and oh I tot it was very nice except tat it's a bit too salty. The miso soup tat came along was gd though. We shared calamari rings too... oh the outer skin was so crispy and fragrant! While eating, Regina was happily sharing with us on hw she did up a "D.I.Y wardrobe" for her 2 sons haha.
As Haato's famous for its ice-cream, Regina, Jess and I went up the counter and tried a few diff flavours... green tea, sweet potato with honey and caramel(?) and one more I can't recall nw. The green tea one was bitter though... maybe the green tea with red bean would be better. Again, I listened to Regina's "advice" and gt 1 scoop of lychee shorbet ($3)~ I tell u it's heavenly lor! Fruity ah... shiok!
Jess and Regina gt the sweet potato one... oh tat's gd too! Regina gt one for Lynette too... haha can see tat they're really gd friends. *Yes~ nice ppl in NCSS hehe.*

QW came over to Buona Vista for dinner... I recommended her to the pasta at the coffee shop here. We shared the Vongole in white wine ($6.90) and the seafood tomato pasta ($6.90)... the seafood tomato one was kinda sticky... and sweet too, which QW prefers. I personally  like the vongole in white wine... omg "fragrant" is the only word justifiable for the sauce haha! *QW thinks the fragrance was gd too!*

Went home after dinner cos mum already gt angry at me ysd cos I came hm at 11+pm ysd... which was the 1st day of the seventh lunar mth. *难得I listen to her eh...*
Caught "活该你单身", starring Ruby Lin and Mike He.
All I felt was... 岁月并没有在林心如脸上留下痕迹,但却“爬”到了帅哥贺军翔脸上去了... sad sia. *I used to think he looked really gd in Taiwanese idol dramas haha... esp with the bad boy image.*
Ruby is as beautiful!

Rating: 3/5

On a side note, I'm glad the Dr Jart Silver Label BB Cream (15ml) which I ordered a few days ago has reached! Been hearing positive feedback from YB... so I shall try asap and see for myself haha!

*LKS scholarship $$$... won't u come in quick?*


Anonymous said…

This is Lynette from Haato. I was doing a random google search on Haato when I came across your blog post.

We are glad to hear that you enjoyed your experience at Haato Ridgewood Close. Noted on the slightly salty chicken katsu curry, we will review & reduce the salt level accordingly.

Apologies if I had intrude into your personal blog space. If it is convenient, do you mind giving me your email add to add to our mailing list for promotions & updates?

In the meantime, if you have any feedbacks or suggestions on our quality of food or service, do feel free to drop an email to


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