The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

I hate to know that I'm wasting my time, my life away sometimes.
I'm too lazy to change though.
I could hav spent my time reading more (like wat I did with reading“蝴蝶的记号”in bet MRT rides) instead of plain listening to songs.
Then again, the latter is my interest. I "over-loved" it at times, I reckon.
This happens when I'm in SG. I doubt I would feel the same when I'm travelling.
Sceneries swimming past fancinates me. I could have the earpiece in my ears... enjoying the simplest happiness possible.

Caught "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee".
Rating: 3/5

*Why shld we waste saliva on someone unwilling to change? By childishly saying "die" easily, u're oni gaining negative attention and nt to mention, totally irresponsible.
I've decided nt to bother. We've gt enough probs/stress to face ourselves.*


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