10 Things I Hate About You

Was joking about how YQ gt a new nickname "frog" in class today... so I wrote a poem for her esp LOL:
Title: 杨清~青青
此时,杨清额头线三条... -_-'''
*佩服my creativity in this area sia... aiyah better if I could use it in my assignments la!*

Early release from HC203's lec today, so we rushed to grab the goodie bags HSS's giving away. *Exchanged Tom Yam cup noodle with YQ yeah!* SS, YQ, Michelle, XY, WT and I gt a tee each at the Bazaar near Canteen B. It was 3 for $10 and I love my "cam design tee" hehe.

Was freezing in HC110's lec and HC205's tut.
*Hmm... editing for HC205's essay is causing a headsplit... cher's comment was nt very useful neh. I gt no confidence in my work this time round.*

B4 my brain explodes due to editing of HC205's essay, I decided to relax and continue with writing the "post-modern" poem I came up with in the middle of the night ysn... hehe. I changed the original "I" concept to "we" since I'm using DBSK's design backgrd... the "wonder 5" haha~
*U-Know was WOW in his performance at Korea's "MJ's tribute" concert~ he looked dang gd!*

Watched "10 Things I Hate About You"... wat a similar title...
Heath Ledger looked so young back then!
Was enjoying the show while I watched. Happy.

Rating: 3.5/5