Heavenly Forest

*A bit bored to be coming home straight after lessons every day... but then again exam is ard the corner, and I needa save up $ too... haiz.*

Was watching "Dream Team Season 2" epi 20-22 with Minho, Eun hyke and Junho in it... man these ppl's gt the strength lor. Minho and Junho could jump so high~ was anticipating each time during a start to a jump haha. Caught Key in the 1st epi of "Raising Idol" variety show... he's supposed to be learning how to cook like a chef but instead he was "flirting" with his female cher lol. *Ah Dongho from U-Kiss acted kinda childish in the show though... eh Eli's quite gd-looking imo.*

*Oh the $5.40 double choc mochi I gt at the Bazaar stall... super sweet sia! And I saw DBSK's PINKY candies selling there too... $3.20 each... which Michelle said was very ex.*

Hmm I gave up editing my HC230 essay... nearly 8000words though cher said the limit was 5K. *Hmm I'm actualli enjoying philo in tut today...墨家的思想不太难懂嘛~*
Finally handed in my INSTEP application stuffs to IRO today... blur me... I tot those 4 guys at the table were responsible for collecting my forms until one of them mentioned that they were oso preparing their forms LOL.

"Heavenly Forest" looks nice.
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Rating: 3.5/5