*Gosh I gt a feeling I'm juz gonna anyhw do my assignments... and no time for revision too it seems...*

I dislike tues... as usual cos it's the day when I've lessons straight from like 11.30am to 4.30pm! Was watching“蝴蝶” during HC110's lect... almost fell aslp at the end lol. *Gonna re-watch it b4 I can start on my hwk tat's to be handed in nex mon!*
HC203's debate was kinda relaxed... nth much to debate bet. Tang and Song dynasty anyway... haha... both teams "made peace" yeah~ haha.

Met Shirlyn and Clementi and after dinner, we went K Golden session together! *Promo period... 8bucks for 3hrs o~* We were there to help her choose songs for E.A.I's concert's audition actualli... and after like 3hrs of singing, I reckon“亲爱的,那不是爱情”and“超快感”would suit her voice better.
*I din realise Elva's“表白”'s key so high... did I went out of tune!? Lol.*

Am tired, but I wanted a laugh b4 I slp... so caught "Bean".
No one can get as "clever" (or shld I say "lucky") as Mr.Bean did... really LOL!

Rating: 3.5/5