Can't wait to see "Yunho A Tribute Band From MJ’s This Is It" someday!
Enlarged the last pic esp cos I loved tat pose! U-Know looks "so Michael" there lol~

WT and Michelle gt a little bored at HC203's lect today I guess, so they "customised" the pastille MT gave them... look at tat little brown square beside the box... it's being designed into an "emoticon"... looking scared lol!
*Cham ah... when will I hav time to write notes for HC203!?*

Was doing editing for HC230's essay... okie I'm kind of done... left with citations and references. *headache* Seriously dunno hw I'll fare for this (exceeded 2000+ words over the word limit + almost juz summarising ideas from diff books nia), but let's hope nt bad ba. *苏老师... 开恩啊~*

*I'm nw finding the weekly concert rehearsals stressful. I need more time for myself.*