Farewell gathering for HA: Sentosa + Ramenten + Decoders' Cafe

Oh presents I gt for Jess for her really belated 21st~ 2 organisers. I tried my best to make the pics post horizontally but couldn't... dunno why. I love the latter's cover... love that kind of feel... 写意.

Met James and YB at Harbourfront station, then HA and his gf later at Vivo and we went for lunch at Food Republic. YB and I had minced meat noodle ($5) but she tot there was a bit too much vinegar added... haha ok I like the vinegar so~ haha.
Jess and Ben came in a while, and then we headed to the "revamped" Sentosa Resorts World to have a "peek" at the place haha. Sun was blazing hot honestly... and I was clad in 2 layers (like most of the time haha~) and HA was commenting tat he felt "really warm" seeing me in tat lol. *Okie la I dun really sweat much even though it's hot LOL!*
Took a few pictures here and there...and we were walking ard, looking for Hard Rock Cafe when we actualli gt lost there! Alamak... a grp of "overaged-big-kids" lost in a hotel in Sentosa in SG!? Yeah we literally took lifts up and down, walked from one end to the other... and man the hotel was huge! *YB took photos along the way while we were "lost"~ haha.* I reckon it was more than half an hr b4 we finally found our way back to the Casino sia.

Couldn't decide whr esle to go, and thks to the super hot weather, we decided to head back to Vivo city and grabbed bites. Had McFlurry... juz when I needed it most haha! Chatted a bit there, and we went up to the arcade... played the stupid "ball-throw-onto-screen" game with James, YB , Jess and Ben lol. *I bet HA and his gf were there watching, thinking how childish the 4 in front of them could get~*
Took the train and headed back to Clementi (Jess went home), and we went to arcade to play while waiting for PH and MH. Played YB's fav "Mario racing". Then, played a similar ""ball-throw-onto-screen" game again... plus the "Bishy-Bashy" game hor... gosh my right hand is so aching nw!
We had dinner at Ramenten... shared sushi, some main dishes and desserts... trust me I haven eaten so much there b4! Amounted to $17 each... treated HA and his gf... since it's his farewell b4 he flies back to Australia this wkend.
Right after dinner, we went to Decoders' Cafe nearby Clementi... one of the HDB blks there. Played "Munchkins"... oni PH and James knew hw to play haha. Yes we spent 3+hrs juz playing tat! I was happily gaining lvl juz by helping ppl "kill monsters". Enjoyed my“半隐居”status while everyone was "fiercely fighting to climb to the top" LOL~ But yeah I do agree sometimes u need more excitement and competition to make a game fun la. Nt ex o... 8bucks nia. 
*Beautiful photos above credit to YB!*

Nw that I'm back home and even though my hands are tired from typing pts for HC230's essay, I reckon I still hav to say out wat I really feel. 
I dislike pretence. I can't believe I myself could actualli "tolerate" for the sake of maintaining harmony. And since it's my personal space and time nw, I believe I hav the right to say wat I want... like I always do.
Firstly, put urself in our shoes. How难堪was tat? Wat do u think tat makes us think of u? And trust me,你没有大声骂我们才是你的大幸!如果你这么做了,我会直接跟你翻脸,朋友都没得做! 我不怕少一个蛮不讲理的朋友。
Secondly,我好言相劝说的“情绪管理”,请听进去。就算你感觉就快要“世界末日”了,我们的日子还是照常过的。You dun expect all to listen to u/do wat u want us to juz cos u're down.
Thirdly,friends are there to listen AND give advices. We have a mind of our own. We can't be manipulated.
Fourth,我不是你肚子里的蛔虫,不可能完全理解你。况且,8年了... 人会一丁点都不变吗?
Fifth, 我没有“落井下石”,我是实话实说。我不会随便指责一个人。请对自己说过的话负责,做不到的话不要随便说。
Lastly,u really have to take note of the lang u use in sms/msn most of the times. They create misunderstandings really easily. Phrases like“不然你要我怎样?” shldn't be used in such contexts.