*We somehow always quarell when out together doi~*
Afternoon went四马路with mum. Went the temple to拜拜... long since I went in. Mum helped me求签... gt a上签... let's juz hope everything goes well~
Then she went this易经卜卦. The uncle said he's a monk from Tibet... though he dun look like haha. He saw my palms, then said sth about“文昌君”this yr gd... so I told him I wanna go study Chinese course... yeah he say go for it, then come out be journalist lol~

Mum and I went for lunch at the market centre there. We walked halfway and suddenly mum stopped and started searching for notes in her pocket. It was then that I saw an old grandpa, in wheelchair, with an umbrella under the blazing sun, selling tissues. Mum simply put some money in his hands, din take the tissues though. Mum said the poor grandpa might be abandoned, forced to come out and sell tissues blah... 也许是天气炎热的关系,逼得我心里也燃起一股热气... angry leh! How on earth we have such unfilial children!? 这种孩子。。。我打从心底讨厌、瞧不起这些人!

After tat, walked ard the shopping centre there. There are many geomancy centres at the basement leh... wat紫薇斗数、八字算命all have sia... pricing of cos nt cheap la. I saw this 2-dollar machine... palmistry one. So I tried, and there's a printed report (can choose in Eng or Chi):
您是个充满幻想的爱人。只有在情感和身体上达到和谐的时候您才会快乐和满足思维和行动相当独立的您,在浪漫和婚姻方面要格外小心,因为您十分敏感,您需要的伙伴应是一个聪明、浪漫、有魅力的人*PS: Alamak... so "high-standard"... no wonder I can't find "him" until nw haha~*

After tat, got a top from This Fashion ($9) and I left to meet Esther for my singing class.
Today, we used the recording rm for lesson. Hmm... I dun really like tat place. The singing effect comes out wierd I feel... and classmates are so near... made me even more nervous. Sung“直觉”... honestly, this song我在K Box唱到烂的啦~ But, singing it alone with only minus one nt tat easy... in which I'm referring to the starting and middle verse. I had to catch the cymbal "chenng~" sound to noe when to start singing the 1st word, and for the middle verse, there wasn't any significant beat in the music... I had to凭感觉唱... of cos this meant that I would have to be very familiar with the song beforehand. *唱歌的学问大,唱好歌的学问更大!* Alvin said the lyrics kinda refer to a bad girl ranting... but I was too乖haha~ Hmm personally, I feel that the audience does affect the singer too. Even I myself as an audience, when I heard ZX sung“自由”, I had the urge to stand up and move to the music leh~ having our butts stuck to the seats juz doesn't help... 要歌手“自high”meh? Lol.
Cher said our improvement is slow... he hopes to see more. I really dunno how I can control my "fear" in front of ppl le... the stupid nervous-ness caused my singing somehow... I can't“as放as” I am while in a karaoke rm leh haiz.

Esther and I went dinner at Bugis... Wong Kok Char Chan Teng:

The tuna baked rice I had can't compare to the chicken one at all. The fish dumpling with spicy gravy ($6.50) was super nice though! Both of us had the banana drink again... delicious~ aid in digestion too haha.

*人生的迷惘期... when would this get over!?*