Watched "Knowing" with HL at JP cinema... this gal so gan jeong wanna watch today lol. Full house lo... we were sitting at the corner... 1st row haha. A disaster movie... nt totally disastrous to me la haha. A gal, 50yrs ago, predicted all the disasters that would happened from 1959-2009... with lotsa numbers. John (Nicholas Cage)'s son Caleb picked up the letters full of number, and began hearing voices. By chance, John found out that this series of numbers, random as they seem, pts out to disastrous events that would happen.
We saw 3 final disasters in the movie: plane crash, subway accident and Earth's wipe-out. The effects kinda震撼-ing... I prefer the plane one... god that "swoosh" and crash was simply so near... esp when HL and I are at the 1st row seats haha~ The subway one was kinda scary, but the wipe-out of Earth by the sun... was a bit "unimaginable" la.
Hmm... I din like those "whisperers" in the movie. The looks in their eyes are kind of creepy... and in the end they actualli brought Caleb and Abby to Eden land!? That's like... hmm... nt realistic to me haha... macham alien "abducting" human lol.

Rating: 3.25/5

Watched Westlife's "10 years of Weslife live at Croke Park 2008" this afternoon... 82500 ppl went leh!Their songs are simply nice... I love it! Liked how they played onstage... and those checker-ed pants ah~ They ran and jumped ard sia... still can manage the singing so well woo!
There was this one period of time when I liked them a lot... I could even memorise and sing all the 17 songs in their 1st album~ *Lol I have it.* Ah yeah, I rmb when bro and I quarelled one time over this CD I think... he一气之下threw the CD down into the rubbish chute! 我当时都气爆了! It was until this afternoon when I found that he actualli "redid" a Westlife CD cover... with on those barcodes written down somemore lol... muz be sometime ago liao... so funny haha.

Anyway, I think I like Shane's voice the most... even now haha. Looks wise... Nicky best-looking la, but he's the oldest (1978) among the 4... din noe sia. He even has twins boy already... with his childhood sweetheart. Shane has 2 child too... with Kian's cousin... oso his childhood sweetheart. *Envious sia~ best is they so专一o~* Dunno y but I always link them to DBSK haha~ maybe 5yrs later (then shld be DBSK's 10th anniversary) they oso can have such a concert ah... but I dun wish to see their wives and children there oso eh haha~