*Haha... kbox craze sia... once it's here, it's here lol.*
Met up with Esther at Clementi. We walked ard in City Vibe the new small shopping mall... ah quite a lot of food there. There's an arcade and a soon-to-be-coming Partyworld up there.

2-7pm, $14.50 nett cos student price. The food was again, cmi... so I only drank Sprite haha. Esther macham“水桶”... drank very fast haha. At 1st we a bit crazy la... went in and started spamming S.H.E's songs lol~ and I realised I know more of their songs then Esther haha... cos I do listened to those songs further behind in their albums too, nt only the主打s.
Haha... sang quite a few "high" songs... some u really need to force ur真音up haha. In the end, our voice somehow went hoarse... hers worse than mine lol. I realise whenever my voice condition got worse ah... I can't sing假/虚音at all... songs like F.I.R's become diff for me by then haha.
Oh yeah, Alvin called halfway... asked me about a sad song sung by梁文音... alamak I haven even really listened to her songs yet lol. *I jobless leh cher... I oso want a job badly haha.*

We had dinner at Shin Tokyo Sushi at City Vibe mall. Think this restaurant is combined with Ramenten or sth... cos they gt sell ramen too. Sushi + ramen... wow! Initially, I went in and ordered chicken cutlet tom yam ramen... but suddenly saw those sushi on the conveyor belt... alamak and Esther was enjoying her sashimi sushi in front of me... looked so tempting lor~ So, I decided to cancel my ramen order haha. Cos they gt an offer nw... sushi (white plates) only 99cents each plate! That's like almost equivalent to when u buy sushi at Edo Sushi lor! In the end I had 8plates... haha... spent ard $10 hehe.

All right, itchy hand and eyes of mine... gt myself a 2 layer top from J3... $35... ex neh!