Jame's 21st Bday chalet

*Ah a bullet can't go thru 1300 pieces thick of保鲜膜leh~ it got stuck at ard 1100 pieces haha... knew this fun fact after watching SJ on“有!没有!”.*

Woo finally can blog out... haha y me and YB went shopping last fri lol. 2 of us walked almost the whole stretch of Orchard looking for Jame's present haha. We were deciding wat to buy lol~ Finally, we decided on Burberry's perfume and after-shave. Before tat ah... 2 of us were practically "sniffing-our-noses-thru-diff-brands-of-perfumes" LOL~ I smell until in the end... all of them smell almost the same to me haha~ *sense of smell failed haha~*I liked the checkered packaging... nice. *Very "English" and even "gentleman" feel~ suit James la haha.*

Raining for the whole day today. Met up with Ben, YB and Jess... 4 of us took train down to Pasir Ris... so long a journey leh~ It took us almost half an hr to get to the place ba... I dun even noe there's a diff bet "Costa Sands Downtown" and "Costa Sands Pasir Ris" sia~ haha. Reached at 5+pm ba. Jame's JC friends already there. 4 of us sit down and chat lo... YL came not long after. XL oso... altogether 6 of us from sec sch haha. Jame's said he'd invited YS as well... but this guy ah... MIA haha.
Food was nt bad... I liked the toufu and fried popiah haha. The lime drink was nice hehe. 6 of us chatted together... it's been long since I last saw XL... she's working in Canadian Bank nw... haha but she's the same old XL... still as bubbly lol. We were talking about overseas trip when YL mentioned he's planning to visit HA in Brisbane~ *Woops... can I say it out here? Haha~* He said go there 1 mth leh... nt 1 wk sia~ Oh and he said he dun mind sponsor ppl a bit if gt ppl accompany him go... LOL... sad la... even if gt ppl sponsor me a bit I oso nt enough money go... cos if I go ah... come back "bank-very-clean" liao HAHA! YB was asking us go Taiwan end of the yr... but WZ said end of yr nth to buy... so we suggested nex yr ba haha.
*AH~ my Genting trip this yr... can make it mah I wonder?*

We sang Jame's bday song, had the choco cake, then sat for a while, left at 8+pm... cos some of us gt things on the nex day... mostly studying and working. Anyway there were kinda a lot of ppl at his chalet haha~ oh and PH asked if we drank? No leh haha... "guai guai James" the bday boy himself dun drink haha. I dun too anyway hehe. YB, Jess and I took cab home... cos YB was very tired haha. By the time I was home, think Ben they haven even reach Bugis station ba haha.
Shall take photos from James soon~

The phrase, "throw the clock out of the window" has been stuck in my head these few days... randomly wrote a lyric with it:

Throw The Clock Out Of My Window
Something on the wall goes “Tick, tick, tock, tock…”
I lift my head up from my dream
To tell myself that life still goes on
So what if you’re tired from work
Why do we work till we’re fired
People never stop, don’t they
To be the survivor

Throw the clock out of the window
Think how much you’d missed out by your side
The roses in your garden
The fishes in the water
Someone’s smile that greet you from your bedside
under the warm sun’s glow

Something about school makes it unforgettable
How we used to mess up with those numbers
The experiments that made brains go haywire
The runs together, we pant and perspire
There’s something common we share in
It’s why we don’t stop, don’t we

Throw the clock out of my window
And I realised how long we’d known each other for
We’re like strangers and friends
now and then
in between
It’s weird but how do I tell you
That you don’t have to be with me every single second
Just send me an sms

Something about friends last
Even if time flies
I know they’re always there

Yeah we know it’s time to throw the clock someday
Out of my hand,
out of the window
And it falls, falls, falls

Throw the clock out of my window
But I won’t forget you, you know