Met MH at Clementi Kbox. Whoa it's been so long since I went singing at Kbox le... mths nw.

Sang from 11-2pm... $12.40. The mushrm spag tasted really bad though. MH din even touched his spag at all lol. He's gt a bit of flu today... lol. First time I heard him sing u see... last time was like sec sch... when he sang a bit of "Truly, Madly, Deeply" haha. It was supposed to be one of our class performance back then lol. Since he's learning singing too, we decided to go sing K together lor haha.

I could hear "Yoga Lin" in his voice totally! The feel really... esp尾音s... "very Yoga". No matter wat songs he sang, u can hear his voice resembles Yoga leh haha. His singing voice kinda diff from his talking voice... both somehow nasal (maybe cos of his flu la), but his singing voice... hmm nicer than I tot haha. Maybe during some high notes...声音稍嫌紧. He didn't sing much Jay songs (which I tot he would lol), but I think he sounded nt bad singing“北极星的眼泪”. We tried duets... but he said he din really sing much duets. We spamm-ed“一眼瞬间”leh. At 1st he say want to lower the key, cos Jam Hsiao's key too high... but I didn't know how to lower mine... so we stuck to the original lol. This song a lot of voice blending to do, and I wasn't very familiar with阿妹's part... so at 1st terrible sia lol. Did 2, 3 times and it began to get better. I tot I wouldn't be able to do this song... but it seemed this song's easier for me as compared to Rainie's“带我走”... cos I couldn't do the假音 well in the latter~ sad. Ah... so shiok... addicted to“一眼瞬间”... but the female voice very power la... sing too many times very uncomfortable for me... cos I'm used to "laid-back"singing usually haha.
MH thinks that I sing nice in blues... haha thks.

Went for tuition straight after singing. Garrick wasn't feeling well, so cancelled his while I was doing Brendan's. After tat, headed to Pranoy's house. Left at 6.30pm... was walking home when suddenly I saw someone in pink... looking so familiar lol~ MH leh! He came to JW for his student's tuition too... but that bad student pushed the tuition to 8pm... so I accompanied him to coffeeshop to have his dinner... prawn肠粉... lol sth so small haha. We talked a lot about singing and competitions and stuff. Ah... he wants to be a vet~ cool.

*Dunno how long I would be "jobless" for... but pray nt for long. Tuitions alone nt enough ah.*