A "date" with NUS Deans + singing @ Martin

Woke up at 9am today(tues)... I think why the past fews days I've been feeling the aches after waking up le... slpt too much haha~ My NUS interview's scheduled to be 12pm (I rmbed wrongly as 12.15pm leh~), so I went out at 11am... took the train to Clementi, then switched to bus no.96. It was already 11.45am when I reached Shaw Foundation Building in NUS la.

Went up to Deans' office... already gt quite a few of other interviewees there. I sat there for about 10mins... b4 I turned to my right... and saw ZY! Haha... he was oso there for interview la... and he's the one who took the 12.15pm slot. Lol... he even funnier... his sis can't rmb bk wat time for him, so he went out at 9+am, reached NUS 10+am haha!
Anyway, I was asked to sit outside the rm b4 my turn to be interviewed. There's this guy from SP, who's oso there for interview... can't rmb his name le... Jarrod or wat. He said he was like "Wo~" when he saw my kinda-thick de portfolio haha *I threw even my certs inside la!* His was super simple... juz a cert and another piece of resume, in a big white envelope haha! He's from a music course in SP ba... but hopes to go into Comm and New Media. Aiyah, we both agree... at this pt of time... it seems tat ppl hav the tendency to pursue a degree "blindly"... meaning? Juz for the sake of a Uni cert.

He went in b4 me, the same 1st rm for interview. I waited until near 1pm then it's my turn sia! Vice Dean Prof Pauline (I think) and assist Dean Prof Lim was there. Both looked very“善良”haha.
*Prof Pauline looks very familiar eh... like someone I've seen on TV.* Prof Lim flipped thru my portfolio 1st. Well, I guessed they would ask about CHS in NP le la~ haha. Then, I talked until my internship at SPH... blah. Prof Pauline saw my PSLE Chi grade "A*"... she exclaimed at that literally haha! And she asked: "Why don't I go JC?" I almost“转不过来”... cos I tot "Eh? I tot after PSLE go sec sch!?" Haha... so I told her I saw CHS... so decided to go haha. They asked me qns like "What books I read?", "What's the diff bet Lianhe Zaobao and Straits TImes I think?", "Which aspect of (history, literature) do I like and illustrate." Haha... I anyhow cooked up a bit of stories... didn't go in depth haha. Prof Lim even linked wat I think about philosophy to Buddhism... cos he saw I took Buddhist Lodge Bursary b4~ lol *What's the link ah?*
Prof Pauline went on to say how being effectively bilingual would be my "assets" and then suddenly they talked about China market, and NUS scholarship... saying I could apply den can go北京大学to study blah... *有一点讲太远了吧? Lol.* Oh yeah, they did ask me if NTU and NUS both sent me letters, whr would I choose? LOL~ ppl what do u think my ans was!? HAHA! So, the interview ended with Prof Pauline (She typed on her laptop as the interview went) saying to me, with a huge smile: "I love ppl who reads and writes!" "Hear from us... and see you soon!"~~ ah.... let's hope there's really gd news hehe.

ZY timed my interview... he say 12mins haha. I waited for his to end, then we went to have lunch at City Vibe mall... Ramenten again. This time round, I only had 4plates of sushi... full le... maybe cos I was busy looking at the photos ZY took in Taiwan during his 29days there lol. Envious sia~
*“Don't Forget The Lyrics中文版” audition ah... haha maybe can go try try!*

*Gt to start repaying poly sch fees soon~ oh no~~~*

Tuition with Brendan at 4.30pm... gosh this boy gt a lot to pick up nw. Exam's coming sian... more tuitions but it kinda means more stress for me too. Rushed to Clarke Quay to meet Hanson, ZX and ZL for pub singing. Alvin came to fetch us haha... we walked to the pub "Martin" together. *It's near the Thai restaurant QW and I went to eat during my working days at OOCL lo!*

Kinda small, and when we reached there at 7+pm... basically only us haha. Alvin开3桌... gt beer and coke blah. I simply had a small mouthful of Heineken... omg... bitter. Alvin, Esther, me, Hanson, ZX, ZL, Shirley, WT and MZ were there, and Alvin's friend, JY joined us late at night. I think Esther's very gd at cracking jokes... she may be the youngest among us, but haha很能和人打成一片.
Singing system there was nt bad... but the no. of ppl who can really sing... 很少. Alvin and Shirley were joking about one young lady at the other table... cos she keep on singing super sad song and sms-ing... then Shirley said she muz hav juz experienced a break-up lol. Hanson oso announced he liked "elder sisters" haha~ Some ppl sang“一眼瞬间”... spoilt the song eh. I'm loving the song atm... then they sing until... hmm... no comment haha.
Hanson, Esther and I went to play photo hunt at one corner, when more ppl start coming to the pub. Shirley and Alvin they all played pool haha. Oh yeah, nice Shirley gt us food to eat again! She's always so nice~ haha. MZ sang the 12mins+ song that ZY sang last time... omg... super long sia. Hey, I like Alvin singing“错了再错”... hey at least he younger for a moment! *Haha~ cher's age “大我一轮”leh~*
At 1st wanted to leave by 11.15min to catch train at Raffles MRT, then Alvin say MZ oso driving towards West area, so I took his car lo. *At 1st still tot he drove bike leh~ scare me phew!* We were taking about how students in our class had kinda diff singing standards... haiz. Anyway, at night very fast o... he dropped me at Buona Vista and I took bus no.198 home.

*我真的很会胡思乱想eh~ LOL.*

Btw... Sat's performance changed to Esther and me host le! Nw I gt to host and sing o~ jiayou to me ah!