New Moon

Finished reading “New Moon” ysd.I didn’t expect Edward to be “missing” in like ¾ of the book haha… somehow only his voice remained, beside Bella. And regarding Bella and Jacob’s “friendship”, it’s obvious there’s more to that. Jacob likes her, but stupid Bella juz couldn’t make sure of her feelings for him. Guess Edward had always been on her mind. Hmm… nth too exciting in this book though… even the Volturi family wasn't really an impact here... merely a little intro to them. I guess there will be more of them in the nex bk though. Haha... but yeah I see the rivalry bet Jacob and Edward now~ Werewolf and vampire woo~

Rating: 3/5
*Hl intro-ed me another vampire-related novel: The Vampire Diaries by Ljane Smith. Shall go and find!*

DBSK's "Bigeast Station" gt some really fun psychological tests. Liked this two:
Qn: Arrange the following shapes in order of which u liked most 1st-- circle, square, triangle, question mark.

Ans: This test tells what u look for in a relationship (lover), with no.1 being the quality u think is most impt.
circle- love
square- status (job position)
triangle- looks
question mark- money

Qn: You are very hungry and juz gt urself a hamburg set. what would u eat 1st among the set?
1. Miso soup
2. Hamburger
3. Rice

miso soup- someone who's good at handling relationships. You appear sweet, and suave at the same time.
hamburger- somewho who falls in love, and is passionate about it. But however when the relationship ends, you would find a new one soon.
rice- someone who dislikes all the "lovey-dovey" stuff bet couples. Once fallen in love, you give it your all and will rmb this love for long.

Hmm... my choice is rice... half true for me lol.