Mini performance nex sat!

Signed up for Korean lang stage 2 lesson at CC today... starting lesson on mon! Woo~ I haven revise shit~ haha.

Mrs Lim made agar-agar today and I gt to taste it haha~ nice! After Garrick's tuition, his mum told us they were gg Causeway pt to get IT gadgets... earpiece tat cost "3digit" leh~ whoa... lol.

Left for singing class on my own... cos Esther nt gg today. *Haiz... had I known it'd been like tat, I dun want go le la~* Went class and realise today Shirley and YJ oso nv come doi... our class so few ppl. Dennis was giving speech again... about脱口秀... 说着说着, suddenly say want us and junior class to do a performance for him nex wk... 45mins one. I think everyone stunned lor! Even Alvin ba haha.

So our class, together with Hanson's class, went to the studio and discussed lor. Simon was picked to be the host... he oso no choice la haha. I sang F.I.R's "Revolution"... aiyah today we sing all no comments one haha. After MZ sang Mayday's "离开地球表面”, Alvin was like: "Ok set! He sing this song... rock nex wk haha!" LOL lo~ Then, he tot of模仿-ing. He said a few of us could imitate Stefanie Sun's voice... lol~ so 4 of us went onstage. Each of us sang a little bit of Stefanie's song ba... haha I tot I din really sound like her without music lol. ZX and Simon tot I sound like Stefanie the most, but MZ and someone esle tot it was another gal, from junior class de. Yeah, the way she sing... "pattern" like Stefanie... but her own voice thicker and more powerful in fact I tot haha.

So, Alvin asked if I wanted to imitate Stefanie Sun (actualli I did tot of 2 person sing together to imitate lor lol~), or sing Jazz. I chose the latter lo... haha Alvin wanted me to sing jazz initially oso... so nw have 1 guy sing rock, and me singing jazz lol. Think a few other gals sing S.H.E/Twins songs, Hanson and a gal dancing. ZX either singing迪克牛仔song or he's thinking of合唱-ing 神木与瞳's “为你而活”. He asked if I knew, then we went outside he let me listen... gosh the gal's key went so high la! I suggest YJ and him sing... cos her voice brighter and higher than mine haha.

Anyway, Alvin suggested we go sing karaoke to practise... shld be nex Tues 7pm... venue nt set yet. I singing Joanna's“迷宫”... juz went and heard the minus one... shld be fine haha... nw I have to memorise the lyrics lor haha. In fact, kinda seldom u see Chi female jazz singer... as in popular ones very few.

Actualli tot no one pei me eat dinner... but met CK and XF... shld be join in my class one cos they juz came back from China not long ago. 3 of us went to have dinner at Clarke Quay this中华拉面馆cos CK wanna go. Hmm... the东坡肉拉面($5) I had hor... the meat super salty sia~ so-so nia. *Lol... reminds me abit of the day in Zhejiang lol.*

*NUS interview... nervous sia.*

DBSK went on this show called "Asahi TV ONTAMA" in Japan. I found Xiah really cute here in this vid... start from 01:13, when Hero explained wat happened to the mic... and see how Xiah react from 01:20 onwards... looked so childish lol!

This is another one... see how Hero try to imitate the Max now... at 01:10... so cute de小混混expression HAHA!