Watsons Sales + 如梦

*I feel like I shld get some "bonus pay" for recommending a number of my friends to Jac for her temp assignments neh~ haha.*

Ok took these 2 photos of my office "temp desk" on Tues when it was raining heavily outside. The pics came out with this "blurry effect" though... is it cos of the mist due to the air-con in office? I quite like this kind of effect though hehe.
I think I'm gonna wake up like 7.50am every work day le la... judging at the pathetic 5-6hrs of slp I get every night... okie well tat's for slping late!
*QW's taken 3days of leave to study for her exams, so I can't email her and chat from weds to fri.*
Time passed quite fast in the morning... as I processed applications and meanwhile, ate the "Hi-Jacobs" biscuit Eileen gave... yummy o. Oh yeah... Christine talked to me today... cos all the while she found me "familiar-looking" but couldn't recall who I was lol. *我不会随便就"act dao"的lor, unless我不爽对方。* She wants to buy my sec sch txtbks... for "personal reason" which she denied to reveal cos she said "very paiseh one" lol.

Went lunch late at 1.15pm... cos this long-winded VWO was talking a lot to Regina on the phone. *Oh my I liked Regina sister's amusing face expressions while talking haha!* Then, Regina, Lynette and I left for lunch at Ghim Moh market~ I really enjoy the food at this place~ nv get tired of good food u see! Wanted to try the 2bucks Nasi Lemak which I saw June bought back into the office (with chicken wings leh!), but when I went, the stall owner had already almost finished cleaning his stall~ faint. So, instinct told me to get小碗面($3) again... even if it meant waiting for 8 other orders in front of me... it's worth!  Seriously, the boss isn't stingy with the料one lor... a lot for 3bucks neh.
Regina had the duck noodle, while Lynette had Thosei. *Gonna try those one of these days~* Regina was talking about her son's studies. He's in pri 6 and is facing PSLE this yr, but Regina tot his mid-yr results weren't gd enough... then we went on and on about the education system in SG... hw SG students studied oni for the sake of studying and a degree in future... we dun enjoy schooling/studying as much as compared to students in other countries, according to some survey.
Hmm... the talk about PSLE reminds me of myself... when I was 12yrs old back in yr 2000 haha. Can't really recall hw I studied for exams, but I'm sure I din work as hard as compared to during GCE 'O' lvls. I was a student, very concerned with marks, grades, positions in pri sch. Somehw, I'd make sure I complete my hwks... and hwks stressed me easily back then. *Mum told me I cried so badly once cos I couldn't finish my hwks even after 12am...* Well, sch isn't all about hwks oni... the environment and ppl affected me too. Guess all I could say my 2 yrs in Shuqun pri "wasn't easy" since I transferred there in pri5. *总是痛的、不开心的记忆才会钻进脑袋比较难以忘记的深处。* Still, I could recall hw happy I was on the day PSLE result was released! 霍老师already told me my result was gd (or was it the result for my Chi subject?) when we were all queuing at the sch atrium. In class, I could vividly rmb Ms Loh announcing the results for the top 3... and if I din rmb wrongly... YZ was 3rd, LM was 2nd... and I was 1st! "A"s for Eng, Chi and Maths, "B" for Sci. I was more than satisfied actualli... since Sci had been like my worst subject in pri sch. *The 1st subject I ever failed in sch was Sci!* To tell the truth, 我超级爱面子的... so being 1st in class really felt like脸上沾光neh LOL! So yeah... with a aggregrate score of 234/300... I went into my 1st choice of sec sch: Hua Yi.
*尽管拥有大学文凭是个不折不扣、不得已的事情in SG's society... I strongly believe one shld always try to pursue their interest 1st, beyond anything esle. 就算不行,也至少尝试过。毕竟,人生是自己的,很多时候都要自己去争取自己所要的。*

Whole office went for Division meeting at 2.30pm... so oni LL and me left there for about 2hrs haha. *Christine jokingly said tat we could "create havoc" in there lo lol.*
Reached home at 6.30pm. Mum told me she cooked面粉米果for dinner, and she opened the door for me while I was busy sms-ing. Then, 她帮我盛上了食物放在桌上. All I did was rushed straight for the bathrm for a shower. 我在想:“真得很温暖啊! ” And once I stepped out of shower, there was already food waiting for me in the kitchen. Really, wat one really wants after a long day is food, prepared and waiting for us... it's such a pleasure. *Nw I noe hw伟大a wife could be... her husband's moral support sia!* Same thing for us children... mum's cooked food nv fails to brighten my mood at that moment. I admit tat I tend to take it for granted most of the time, but deep down yes I appreciate her a lot... and yes of cos I will do my part in being nice/gd to her haha!

Met YB 7.30pm at JP Watsons... whoa sey long queue sia. It's actualli a so-called "private sales" for Watsons card members... but in the end many chose to make a member card on the spot and that explains the crowd. It was near packed in there, and we took almost 1hr juz to queue and pay for our stuffs bought. I spent a total of $40.75... and here goes:
Both the St.Ives moisturising creams were free stuff given cos we spent more than 120bucks altogether. Gt the new Listerine to try, Majolica Majorca's lip gloss (which I tried at YB's house the last time and woo... really "watery" effect seen) and the Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion which YB recommended and reviews online were gd. *It's stated there "1 bottle sold every 4 secs in Japan" leh!* Shall try after cleansing, and then with It's Skin's Power 10 series LI serum every night hehe.
*Oh yeah, YB gt Dr. Jart's BB cream at 30% disount, which is like oni about $27~ she found one lying on a shelf randomly when we tot all were sold out earlier... haha lucky her so I told her to reflect her "review" to me after using hehe.*

Caught "如梦"at night.
The beginning was unique... it all started off with a dead cat... and his owner asking for opinions on wat to do with the body? Well, one of the solution was mentioned this way: “有的更环保,叫我把猫煮了,还附有食谱。”... er... but kinda captures my attention with its way of kicking off a movie. *Lucky Daniel chose to bury it by the sea instead.*

He barged into a girl's dream (or vice versa), and they fell in love in the dream. He suspected tat the girl was his cat, yet there's no ans even towards the end of the movie. I esp enjoyed the dance part near the end... elegant and grace, and they were gentle.


Rating: 3.5/5

PS: Oh my Daniel Wu freaking looks like the Asian version of "Harry Potter" over here, with the round spec (nt tat clear in this screen cap)! And tat messy hair... haha... juz a bit "over-sized" tat's all lol.