Alice In Wonderland

This ballad performance of “Beautiful Disaster” was so soothing and powerful at the same time! Much as I loved the original, Kelly Clarkson’s vocal power shone even more in this live version! It’s a wonderful combination of technique and emotion.

Anyway, started my temp job at NCSS since ysd… yeah return to CCF department haha! So, they were all familiar faces la haha~ *Boss William’s huge grin on his face when he saw me LOL! Oh and nt to forget all other colleagues were were so welcoming too!* I’m seeing Regina, William, Lynette, HQ, YH, LZ, Judy, Eileen and others again o~ Lynn and Constance left, and Pauline and Catherine took over the 2’s job respectively. Regina went thru with me the procedures to doing ICT Core applications again... somehw "refreshed" my memory hehe. *Kinda wierd when u see I'm actualli her mentor last time when I was doing temp... and this time our positions switched haha... okie like tat "look more normal".*
Had to use a laptop to do my stuff this time round, and I no longer hav a cubicle to myself le… my seats near the pantry area nw… so ppl walk past very often… can’t really use the internet “freely” haha. *I reckon most of them dun care, but there are still ppl like the director and some whom I’m nt familiar with from other departments… and judging from comments I heard about the previous temp gal… I think I’ve to be more careful this time round.*

Went lunch with Regina and Lynette to Adam Food Centre... in Lynette's car haha... cos she needs to do her laundry on the way. Had the Hokkien Mee ($3) but it wasn't nice at all... too dry lo. Oh and I gt the fruit juice... the uncle and aunt were so "relax" with their money eh... I hav to take back a 50cents change and they simply told me to take from their box of coins placed near me. *Dang they feel "safe" o?* On our way back to office, Regina was telling us her exp of a "free trial armpit removal" session at a certain美容院. She reached there and the person did one side of her arm, then said she would hav to pay for the other arm's hair removal lor! And ppl tot it's like a trial session, and the beautician actualli explained "We do one arm so you can compare the diff." It's like so LOL la~ wat kind of gimmick is this man! *Really ONE trial sia~*
Night went tuition with Saya... haha and dang Toffey's seems to be getting more and more "pissed" at my presence I dunno y haiz.

Today was basically a super duper sleepy day imo. Haven't hav enough slp... cos when I gt home ysd, it was ard 9.30pm and I slpt at almost 2am ba. Had to wake up 7am so @~@. Nth much tat I did except a few applications... and went lunch with Lilian to the market nearby. I really think there's lotsa nice food there... glad I'm gg to enjoy those yummy food for another 2+mths!
Oh and I saw Andrew and Charlie as well... Lilian happened to temp at the same dept as me last time. They couldn't recall who ZZ and ZX were though haha. *Me too I guess.*

Had tuition with Jonnas and we did oral conversation practice. Flipped thru his lit exercise bk while he was reading the passage. Saw this 2 lines he claimed he'd wrote them:
"We dance around in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and know."
I tot it's nt bad... 有“玄机”在里头haha.
*Was so sleepy during tuition tat I couldn’t open my eyes… and when my “head dropped”… I felt a strong surge of pain sia… sprained my neck and tat woke me up instantly sia…*

Super Junior's newest hit song, "미인아 (Bonamana)" reminds me a lot of...
1. DBSK's Mirotic style (Donghae and Lee Teuk)
2. Michael Jackson's groovy dance moves
3. "Sorry, Sorry"'s style...
And wat surprised me was Kyu Hyun! He could be counted as one of the few forefront dancers (besides Eun Hyke, Shin Dong and Dong Hae) in the MV! I tot it'd be Sungmin who would replace Han Kyung though. *Omg Kyu Hyun can dance well o... and I tot he looked very "vampire-ish" during his 1st appearance haha.*

Caught "Alice in Wonderland".
OMG I could recognise Alan Rickman's voice immediately when the blue caterpillar spoke! *So "Snape-y" haha~*
Alice is er... defiant? She's gt character.
Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp)? He's as "mad" as ever... I liked the actor haha... brilliant act. Anne Hathaway was cute as White Queen... I think she's another artiste with高可塑性, like Johnny Depp. *Oh man... I enjoy all of his expressions, be it happy or sad... they brings "life" to the character.*
And er can I say I actualli enjoy the Red Queen's character too... I dunno but I find her funny most of the time haha.
I enjoyed the fantasy and humour.

Rating: 3.75/5

*rRandom tThoughts: I wonder if our eyes are like our stomach... welcomes anything we like, yet dismisses anything they disgust. (I tot so cos our stomach could expand like 27x even if we were already full and then gobble down our fav food; and hw my eyelids could "stay uplifted" while I'm enjoying a movie, yet droops terribly when I'm doing work.)*