Hello Baby

*Regina put back my office lappy tat "letter M" tat dropped out a few days ago in like 2secs... alamak I shld hav asked her to "repair" long ago lol~*

Fri today and many colleagues went on courses/leaves. LL was slacking almost the whole day haha... but poor gal like tat oso very sian one la. I had a lil' work nia too haha. Lunch had Hokkien Mee($3)... super big plate la... and it's nt bad. Even LL said it looked very nice with tat much sauce~ *Ah doi~ The tau pok stall gt open today neh!*

Went home after work and I caught the last 3 episodes of Shinee's "Hello Baby" at night~ finally, after leaving the last 3 episodes "stagnant" in my D-drive for so many mths...
Overall, I enjoyed SHINee members' dorkiness sia... they were super LOL at times. All of them are so young la... yet they had to take care of a 4-yr old kid, 유근. Onew was super afraid of유근at the beginning, but could see tat he improved a lot towards the end haha... could hug and "bobo"유근. Jong Hyun totally loved "skinship" la... the no. of times he "bobo" with유근countless sia hehe. Key's like the mother of the grp... he's very playful. Minho... he takes care of유근like a real dad o... protective daddy. Taemin ah... he's still a kid himself, so I reckon he was more like a elder bro... who appeared so "lost" at times, so I doubt유근can depend on a dad like Taemin haha.

Since I caught the last 3 episodes, had more impression of those today. I LOL-ed when유근called Minho "This" when he could call out other members' names haha. Jong Hyun was really sweet... he specially ordered for a book made (with photos and words) as a momento for this show. *I prefer Jong Hyun in dark hair colours... more mature-looking haha.* Oh and I learnt from the show tat once a person turns adult (20yrs old) in Korea, they get perfume, roses and a kiss... signifying tat they are officially grown-ups le. 
The 2nd last epi when SHINee and유근part ways was... ah... simply will miss this bunch of funny ppl. 유근's very cute... many expressions all the time haha. *And yes, I think he resembles Ella more than NichKhun and Minho haha!* So here are some really bubbly유근s: 
Rating: 3.75/5

This is the MV for "Cabi Song"... by 2PM and소녀시대... super hot!