HC230 paper + dinner @ M.O.F with SS

*Why am I havin tat kind of wierd dream!? Was I biting my pillow then!?*

Nth went into my mind on thurs... juz a day b4 HC230's paper. Cos SS and the gang had already finished their HC151... and went "celebrating"... and dang I was in "celebration mood" as well lol... *sharing their happiness haha*.
So I went online, was watching Xiah's "Intoxication" MV... er dun realli like the sexy image for him... I prefer the "cute Xiah". Saw Wonder Girl's on“娱乐百分百”, as well as U-Kiss's "Vampire" variety show... ah dorky guys haha... but I'm oni starting to know them nia lol. Was listening to S.H.E's new songs too... omg there's a lot of songs I'd been wanting to learn hw to sing leh... but I'm too lazy la haha.

*Gosh YB's been recommending me nice skin pdts webby... alamak those stuffs look super tempting eh!*

So, I woke up ard 11am on fri morning, and spent 1 hr staring almost blankly into the notes. *Even listened to DBSK's songs b4 I went out haha~* Met LC at sch bus stop, and this gal already prepared her luggage le... and her flight back to China was past midnight on Sat. *Dunno if I would even see her when she comes back b4 NTU's sch term starts... maybe I would hav flown over to Shanghai by then.*
1st time a paper at such an hr... 2.30pm to 5pm. Was a bit worried as to wat kind of qns苏教授would give us though. *I even dreamt of him the very morning... and he was saying sth about文言文的问题... 吓醒我了!* Hmm... but somehw I'd guessed cher would hav a qns on the comparison of孔子and孟子's经济思想的同异... so I went ard finding out the similiarities and differences... and can u believe it!? This qns came out as the compulsory qn... juz liked I guessed it! Eh but I tot I still din do very well for the 40marks qn... cos my pts were kind of messy and "jumpy" here and there... haiz. Chose to do荀子“人性恶”and法家法治“三大基石”之得、失的论述题... skipped老子的“道”qn... cos as much as I like his tots... they're too abstract and diff to explain well haha.
HC230's a paper with easy qns... but since it's open-book, and I reckon everyone shld hav read his notes, it boils down to hw well each individual explained their answers ba. Dunno if I "argued" well, and eh my "unique" handwriting might take old prof some time, and with a magnifying glass, to read lol. *I dun expect to ace this, but a pass is already guaranteed.*
Oh btw, 苏教授was uber cute eh! After he collected the papers, he waved at each and every of us students sitting near the front of the hall... waved and smiled as he walked away... and tat looked super like hw the president waved at the public during NDP every yr la! LOL~ and when he went out of the door, someone opened the door for him somemore o~ so funny!

Took bus 179 out of NTU with KY and WY. *I din noe KY's bday is on sat eh haha.* They were gg to celebrate her bday with their poly friends. I was gg to meet SS at Lakeside cos we'd wanted to have dinner and go bowling at Marina Square. *KY randomly mentioned tat we could go singing together... since her clique oni has her, WY and WS who's into singing.*
SS came to her tuition centre to do some student feedback for her tuition kids. We went down to CIty Hall... *Pat grabbed my arm at the control... haha~* and there's this dirty Bangladesh fella... who pretended to knock onto SS while we were stopping by and reading a menu outside a restaurant! SS immediately told me the guy did it on purpose... cos damn he was still smiling when he apoloised to SS eh! *Whoa if it was Pat... she'd hav flared up on the spot most probably!? Haha.* Oh and evil me... I tot muz be the fact tat my fair African friend's wearing short skirt... tat's why“引狼入室”haha!

We were literally talking non-stop on the way to Suntec City lol... cos we were famished... so decided to hav dinner 1st. She wanted to recommend me to the Jap restaurant she worked at last time, but we went into M.O.F in the end. The main course was good... and oh the mocha dessert was nt bad too. We shared the soft shell crab sushi ($9.20) which was superb too hehe. Shall let photos do the talking nw...
Played some psychological tests too with the bk I brought there... tried to find out sth funny bet her and John haha. Gd tat we had some laughs and I enjoy chats like tat... it really deepens one's knowing of the other.

Left at 9pm, and by the time we reached Marina Bowl centre... all lanes were full and there seemed to be some sort of company events... so we din bowl le! Walked ard cos SS was looking for blazers and she tried onto this pair of heels which reminded me of“蓬蓬裙”de design pattern... it's super elegant-looking on her legs! *Dang the price oso very "elegant" la... near 70bucks~*  

Anyway, uni clique cancelled our K-Safra singing session supposedly on fri night... cos some of them find it too ex. *Oh my K Safra called me near 8pm eh... din dare pick up the call lol~* Well, ok ba since XY doesn't feel well too, nvm de~ we already arranged to sing on mon afternoon instead!
*不可能要求大家都一样,所以不强求。但我认为“利”始终比不上“乐”。To me, happiness comes b4 almost everything.*