Happy Mother's Day 2010

*U-Kiss's "Vampire" variety show is LOL!*

Starting intensive tuition with Jonnas since his 'O' Level Chi paper is on the 31st of May. After tuition with him on Sat, went SIM to meet up with QW for discussion over our emcee script for William's wedding. It was pouring heavily in the afternoon... QW and I were in SIM canteen, using her netbook to browse thru some wedding emcee templates she found. *Gosh the Ice Mocha ($3.40) tat I had was super yummy!* Could almost used the template she found, we merely did a little bit of editing here and there. Basically, QW would be in charge of the Eng lines while I shall do the mandarin ones. *Er still it all depends on the day itself... see hw things go ba.* QW told me there would be a rehearsal, and nw I'm troubling over wat to wear nex Sat lol.

We took bus75 down to opp Beauty World Shopping Centre for dinner. Tot there was more than 1 Korean restaurant there, but oops we walked down the stretch but din saw any more. Instead, we chanced upon this Thai food dining place halfway up the slope. Can't recall the exact name of this Thai restaurant nw. It's kinda reasonable... oni costed me $11+ for a main course, and a shared salad.
This is the "Tom Yum seafood salad" and both of us din guessed tat there would be glass noodle in it! Still, the sauce which was sweet + sour + spicy was good!
This is my "Tom Yum fish soup with glass noodle" (the noodle's "lying" at the bottom so it can't be seen). Oh my it gets spicier as I drink the soup... nevertheless, this is a must try for Tom Yum lovers. The fish meat was average nia though.
*Felt like vomitting a few times at night... dunno if eating too much was the cause of it?*

QW took bus67 home after dinner, and she taught me to go opp to the shopping centre to take bus184 back to Clementi int. Reached home near 8pm, and after shower, I walked over to YB's house.

Gt Etude's Acne Skin Patch and It's Skin's Power 10 LI serum from her, which I asked to help get online. *And nw I'm spending another 41bucks to buy the PO and VC effector serum from the same series...* Basically, I'm praying these stuffs could be the saviour of my "pore-enlarged" skin haha.
Both of us were surfing the net, browsing skincare and cosmetics stuff... haha and YB was showing her tonnes of skincare and make-up stuff to me at night lol. *I doubt I will buy so many cosmetics/skin-care pdts sia.* Surprised at some of the things, and I think the "watery lip gloss" from brand M(?) left me with the deepest impression... cos its effect was real gd! *Shall ask YB to buy for me when she goes Macau haha.* Oh, yeah and YB gave me a few skin care/cosmetics samples... and among which, GUESS's perfume had a great smell.

We caught "Mnet Scandal"... Eli's epi amist YB's complain of her pimples lol. I mean, YB and I are so diff in interests tat we almost hav no common interest la lol! And gosh both of us hav diff opinions towards the definition of "comedy" and "funny", so it was really by luck tat YB was interested in wat I watch usually lol. *I reckon my definition might be even nearer to ZL's than YB's lor lol.* Afterwards, she became interested somehw and we continued to watch Choi Jonghun's epi too. *Couldn't find eng subs for Nichkhun and Taecyeon's episodes!* 
Slpt near 4am. Woke up at 10am... rather short hrs of slp. *我觉得自己在别处过夜时,整个人会莫名地拘谨起来eh! Even if it means slping... 都会“精神紧张”lo.*
Continued watching another epi of "Mnet Scandal" with Hongki on it. He's a rather cute guy ba haha. Left YB's house at 1pm cos she has to continue revision for her coming paper on tues.   

Sunday's Mother's Day! Dad, mum, bro and I, plus grandma, 3rd uncle, aunt and their son, WL went for dinner together. This 9 yr old boy is a "cam-whore" o... he loves the cam lol. 
Saw WL's "eee..." expression from the 1st photo? That was my random shot of him and haha tat expression was priceless lol. He's totally nt "cam-shy", like hw I was when I was young. *I'm still nt tat fond of cams nw, cos of the fact tat I'm nt photogenic.*
Anyway, it was chaos at the coffeeshop today. Din gav much time to take pic of the food we ordered though. And guess wat? 5 dishes costed us a bill near 100bucks! *Uncle and mum were complaining... tat we won't go there on such special occasions in future.*

Went CK Tang and gt Sunsilk's damaged hair reconstruction serum and protecting leave-on ($8+). It's a 4-step regimen and I've started using the trial set (3 out of 4) the past 1 wk. Glad I felt the instant smoothness since the 2nd usage... and my hair's stronger nw... less hair falls.

*Stupid diarrhoea! Does this mean my health gt better or did it juz turned for the worse ah!?*