Went for HW111C's tut with SS... YQ and YY were in another class though. Hmm did some grp discussions in class and I tot it was quite fun... as compared to HC203's tut later at 11.30am... haiz. *1st assignment for HW111C to be handed in on 22nd Feb~*
HC203's tut was totally... boring. I dun like Mr Ho's suggestion of 20% of our marks on participation in class tuts juz for each of us to explain poems for this module. I mean omg... with a cher that simply is there calling on students to analyse poems (she emphasized tat each of us needs to say 5-10mins somemore~) and nt answering to any of our doubts/questions on the poems... wat's she doing here anyway!? We can "self-study" le la... come on we're in uni... nt small kids who need someone to supervise on our learning. And she sorta "threaten" us to prepare for our tuts nex time round... if nt we would be given "0" for participation marks... wat the!? I can't wait for her to "shoo" after 4 tutorials hmph!
*I'd rather he gave us written assignments sia~*

After lesson, met WZ and Lynn at Lakeside. We went for lunch at market, and I was listening to some talks... interesting. WZ bought some wall stickers again at pasar malam... 2bucks each nia... cheaper than the ones she gt in JB.
The weather was too hot in the afternoon, so WZ suggested coming over to my house. 3 of us chatted in my rm in the afternoon... about friends... mostly their clique haha.

Went market and took my new spec~ I feel a little dizzy in it... normal when one wears new specs... and esp for ppl like me who have a huge diff in lvl of short-sightedness in both eyes.
Nt easy for me to take a "decent" pic since I dun look gd on cam normally. The above is considered ok le... after some shots lol. Hmm as for this spec, think I would wear on certain occasions ba... depending on my dressing for the day... or either "randomly" when I feel like it hehe.
Mum still reckons tat I look better in a frameless spec, but this is alright too. Think ppl ard me (and myself) need some time to "adapt" to a new look hehe~

Alright, a short post cos I'm off to watching SHINee's variety shows nw.