Pat's 21st bday party

Woke up near 1pm. It's 2010. 感觉早上有一股异常的平静和清新... 大概是因为这是新的一年吧?
Rained in the afternoon, lucky it became smaller when I went out to meet Bel at the MRT and we went down to Bradell together, b4 meeting WZ and PQ.
Lol Bel was writing her bday msg to Pat on the train... and helping to write LX, XN, JS and Joy's msges too haha. She write till dizzy sia... haha.

Later on, WZ and PQ wrote their msges too. Shld let u guys see the card's "cover page" hehe~

I liked the pic... kinda "childish"... fits Pat even though she's turning 21 haha. And of cos, I myself gt sth esle for Pat. It's a lady's handbag.

We cabbed down to Bishan Blk149 together. Forgt wat the uncle said but I dunno if he meant to be rude or not... I replied him sth... in which I oso din noe if I meant to "rebutt" or not haha. Finally found the pavilion after a while. We were kinda early ba. Saw Sushi Tei's sushi and we were already "drooling" la haha. The buffet was nice plus the sushi. Loved the barley drink.

The jellies were colourful right? I had 2 cups hehe. JQ came *I "helped" her "lost her way" on the way there haha~ paiseh eh.* and then we had so much fun talking. ZY and WX came too... he's gg into NTU for sure this yr.

Pat cut her lovely baby Taz cake at 9pm haha. She's gt so many pri sch friends still in contact lor... so gd hehe. Oh her cake is "chocolate-ish"... her fav mah haha. JQ din even get a chance to eat after she came back from the toilet cos the cake was already all distributed lol!

Went back home with JQ. We were talking about tuition, her wish of getting a bf and her BKK trip along the way. Nice chat.

不知道对方是不是给我们的友情判了“死刑”?若是的话,只要你说一句“是”,理由我也不会去追究,“死”得不明不白我也就算了。还是这段友谊对你而言正处在“缓刑期”中?“是”也说一声吧?我一直尝试换个角度去想:人总有会要逃避的时候,而逃避的理由有时候的确不容易说出口。但真正的朋友还是会关心你的。试想想如果那个被“盖电话”的是我,应该会火大吧?It's Pat's bday somemore.
This it my bottom line.