JB with WZ

*What a start of sch term... HC214 no lec on fri... can't even confirm if it's gonna close? I still need to shift my other tuts eh... provided there are still vacancies left. Cham... no mood to apply for INSTEP nw.*

Din went for HC203's lect since it's only a intro to Tang and Song dynasty. Met WZ at JP in the afternoon and we did our DBS debit VISA card on the spot. The person was saying tat my signature's "positioning" wasn't exactly the same... haiz. Might be more careful nex time haha.

Went in JB... nt much human traffic today... cos wkday ba. Gt mum her Loreal day whitening moisturiser, as well as SS's organiser. Nth much to shop since I'd been there like only a few wks ago. Saw nice heels but a bit too ex. Oh well, WZ and I had lunch at Old Town White Coffee.

I had the prawn mee + bee hoon which looked real hot and oily from the photo lol... dang the soup really tastes "prawn-ey" haha. Quite nice ba. WZ and I shared kaya butter toast too... oh but it was too "buttery" for me.

We went Holiday Plaza... haven been there for too long le. WZ bought her bro's Korean drama, and 2 movies. We walked ard that big shopping centre and I gt myself a red chaquer-ed crop top... cutting's unique... RM30... price okie la.
Finally, WZ and I decided to try foot massage since our last exp at China lol~ RM25 for 40mins... and there was a free 15mins herbal steaming for the feets too.

Guess my health's kinda poor la... WZ looked like she was enjoying her foot massage but I was kinda in pain sia lol. A little bit of itchiness... but when the man massaged near the middle and mid-upper of my soles... super pain sia! He said tat my digestive system and liver were nt tat gd... sad~ Oh and my膀胱was nt gd too... very painful... a little bloated at the inner corner of my left soles. The more I mentioned it was painful, the more the uncle "massaged" the area omg~ he said it's better haha. Of cos again reminded me nt to eat too much oily food and less cold drinks. Later he massaged my toes... oh my when he "pulled" the little toes... I could literally hear the knuckles "cracked" sia. He massaged my小腿too... oh those 3 main神经线/根were there... a bit painful. Oh yeah... 我的睡眠不足too... this one I admit la haha.
*WZ and I were discussing tat maybe his力道really stronger than the lady who did for WZ... that's why more painful for me leh lol.*

After tat went for the herbal steaming kind of thing... oh my 15mins and it was real hot. Both WZ and our legs literally sweated while soaked in the steam haha.

That little machine u see there is the one controlling the temp for steaming. Our legs were "red" and "cooked" after taking them out from the bucket lol. But strangely, our legs dun feel tired as b4 after massaging... gd.

We went Pizza Hut for dinner. WZ and I shared the honey sauce chicken wing masala rice... quite nice.

Shared 4 drumlets and coke too... tasty as usual. I was too full to have another ice-cream le. Each person oni RM12.60 nia... cheap lo.

*Mum's feeling unwell it seems... guess it's the muscle aches.*