Post Grad

Went tuition for Goklas... 1st lesson since he came back from Indonesia. His mum was in and they actualli gt me a tee from frankie morello! The material's super comfy and soft.

After tat, met WK, ZL, ZX and QH for lesson at E.A.I. Combined class with Alvin's again... and I reckon this is almost the 1st time I felt like questioning myself "Why the perseverance all along?" We did basic发声with Alvin again... and my class already did this for umpteen times like from mths ago!? Alvin played with pitching again... testing our abilities haha.
I felt real bored for the 1st time... seriously. Felix's advice to me would always be to explore other genres. Hmm I do listen to other genres and learnt their singing techniques as well... juz tat I dun hav the chance to show as yet lol. Melissa
's class started recording from since dunno when... and until nw she's only recorded 1 song nia too. *WZ and WK ah... looks like u 2 de "wish" to finish recording at E.A.I seems real diff eh~* Felix told us the 1st concert to be held this yr would be in Apr... lol... if I was chosen, I wouldn't be able to join in since sch exam's in Apr as well.

Went dinner at the coffee shop WZ brought me to last time... today with WK. We had the Hokkien Mee... nt too bad... at least the "looks" itself could already make us drool haha. The gravy was enough, but the prawn and sotong meat were a bit hard though.

Chatted quite a bit with WK. She seems a really independent gal... with the wish of gg to the US haha. Oh and her wish to have her "own toilet" when renting rm outside... woo nt easy but gd luck to her!

Was watching epi 10-12 of "Dream Team Season 2" with Minho and Eun Hyke as the usual guests. The team went filming in Vancouver during the Winter Olympics... and they played ice hockey, flying fox in the mountains, skiing with those Huskys, ice skating and high jump! Oh my god... all the games looked real fun and Minho... dang this boy sure has gt the sports genes in him sia~ I can't wait to watch the nex epi in which the whole cast played a prank on Minho the bday boy haha.

Watched "Post Grad".

Life after graduation... well it's gonna be about the same thing for me after my uni graduation lol. Work huh? Life? Ah I dun really dare to think about it nw. Some day later ba.

Rating: 3.5/5