I Hate Valentine's Day

Had lessons straight from 11.30am till 4.30pm... the longest day for me in my timetable this sem haha. Nice Michelle gave me one box of Pinky Peach Mint flavour sweets tat DBSK endorsed in Japan. There are like 70tablets in it... a lot sia haha... and there's one random dark pink heart-shaped one amongst the normal pink round ones haha.

And come to this... It's random but it's Hero's bday on 26th Jan! Saw this pic of him on forum and tot he looked great here~ I mean "beautiful", isn't he? Haha. Happy 24th~ (western age I mean lol)

Almost dozed off both at HC203 and HC110's lect. Had mini ppt at HC205's tut... was in a grp with ZJ, Yvonne, YX and MC. Cher really "timed" each of us... 2 mins sia... made me so nervous lol. *太久没有present了... a bit "rusty" liao my talking skills lol.* I tot I was already fast when talking... but MC was faster la... he literally flew thru his words when cher told him to conclude when 2mins was up haha. Din really listen to other grps' content but the class laughed when WS talked about sth about "birds" in their grp's ppt... dunno if he knew wat he was talking about anyway haha. Hmm... there's gonna be debates and all kinds of "interactive" tuts coming up... cham le means more things to prepare... and a 5000-word essay oh my god~

Hitachi 32" LCD TV... hmm time to get rid of the "off-colour" 2nd hand TV we had.

Watched "I Hate Valentine's Day" at night.

Rating: 2.75/5