"Clinic" with Ben, SY and PH

Went tuition with Goklas... poor boy's sick as well. He went camping in M'sia a few days back... a little sunburnt. His maid made me this sour plum + orange kind of drink... nt too bad la. Tuition was shortened to 1hr cos he couldn't concentrate on studies while feeling slpy haiz.

Met Ben, PH and SY at Orchard Taka. PH wanted to go Art Friend to find some handicraft thing she could make for her friend's bday. SY and I walked ard together... haha din noe SY's a bit lazy in doing craftwork... as in she told me she din like pasting, cutting those steps when doing craftwork, even though she dun mind drawing. After tat, we walked ard as we gave ideas to SY as to wat to buy for her bf for Valentine's Day this yr.

Went to PS to continue searching for SY's gifts. PH's top's button popped out all of a sudden, and she gt herself a new top on the spot lol. We went to another craft shop again... kept walking into those today. Really.... handmade stuffs are unique... but somehw I juz dun hav the flair for handicrafts. I reckon those really artistic ppl would already hav an idea as to wat to do with watever art material they hav on hand but for me, when I get any art materials on hand... they're simply JUZ ON MY HAND ONI lol. Hmm... a small reason might by cos I'm lazy to think of wat to do with them anyway haha.

Went for dinner at this Bah Kut Teh shop near Central... both SY and PH recommended.

The Bah Kut Teh was nt bad... but gt saltier towards the end. The meat was nice though. Din like the veggie... too oily le la. Oh and Ben treated all of us to this o! Thks la Ben~
Received a call from Shirlyn. So actualli the reason why Felix told me about the audition... wasn't really an audition. Shirlyn said actualli I'm selected for the concert already... all the producers were there today... and those 9 ppl "shortlisted" were actualli there to choose their songs for the performance already. The concert might be in either Apr or May... but coincidentally tat clashes with NTU's sch exams which is in end of Apr. Hmm well... bad timing if really so... cos I wouldn't be able to join in and rehearse enough for the performance ba? If I had to revise for sch exam during tat period. Anyway, din go cos my voice still hasn't recovered yet... still can't sing properly. Shall see hw lesson goes nex sat.

4 of us sat by the river side, and watched ppl taking the extreme rides... reverse bungee jumping and another tat resembles Viking. Oh my... scary sia. After a while, the other 3 decided we go for a chill-out near Clarke Quay. The lightings and decor along Clarke Quay bridge was beautiful... with those桃花s haha. Took some pics with PH's cam.

Night life at Clarke Quay really kinda丰富... felt like we were in another country le while walking pass those diff restaurants/bars with food from diff cultures/countries. After some hesitation, decided to go Clinic.

Okie the waiters and waitresses really dressed up like nurses... from IMH!? Lol. I seriously felt like so when 4 of us sat down at those "sickbed-sofas" haha. Ben wanted to try those "wheelchairs" but we din in the end haha. The 3 was kinda enthu while discussing wat alcoholic drinks to hav... I let them decide since I dun drink. In the end, we decided on this "... Doc" drink ($50)... 6 shots... and I can't rmb the name anymore. It's mild... according to PH... cos it's only Rum plus other things.
Eh I tried my 1st sip... omg seriously alcohol isn't the thing for me ba~ So bitter... SY was saying how fragrant it was but paiseh ah gal... all I tasted was "bitterness" hehe. Oh and the throat felt warm... b4 it went to my stomach. It took me more than half an hr... plus chatting... to finish like 2/5 of that 1 little glass there... and so PH volunteered to help me finish my shot LOL! And she finished up tat 3/5 in less than a sec... one gulp LOL.

Saw fireworks while we were there... wierd ah... wat occasion was it today sia? Oh and some other customers beside us bought those "syringes" and "dips" haha... looked interesting but how I wish those weren't alcohol but soft drinks... cos I really dislike drinks with "tastable-alcoholic-amt" in its content lol. PH, Ben and SY were still on and on about wat they wanna try the nex time they go there leh~ I think I accompany them there... go eat finger food ba haha!