New York, I Love You

*PMS? Was feeling way down ysn... partly cos I was rushing thru the readings for today. Well, and partly cos I was enjoying watching vid with QW at my house ysd after our lunch at Lai Lai at JP... and hearing from QW tat SHINee's coming to SG Lot 1 for a autograph session coming sun... imagine having all these entertainment taken away from one's life cos of sch... no wonder I felt so down... and I even had a nightmare about sch stuff at midnight... couldn't slp cos I was bothered by sch for no reason.*

Met LC for HC230's lecture in the morning. Was on the same bus with WY and JY. There were like 40+ ppl... more than the no. during last 2 lesson, according to LC. Saw old Mr苏新鋈for the 1st time... and they told me he was Prof Phua's cher last time o! Anyway, was on Confucianism in politics de topic somehw... hmm a bit chim. Was alright at 1st but soon I began to doze off in class cos Mr Su was blabbering away... a bit too much towards the end haha... "old man" mah lol.

Met ZJ in Chi lib to discuss our grp's ppt for HC205's tut the nex day. Din see MC nor YX cos they were having other lessons tat time. Was already 1+pm after the discussion... so I rushed to Canteen B and gt myself a tuna sandwich... then went TR165 for HC101's tut at 1.30pm. The tut was basically filled with yr 2-4 Chi students... except a few yr 1s, SS and myself nia. We were on赖和's“蛇先生”and analysing the short story. I din really read the day b4... so anyhw commented haha... lucky KD managed to "catch sth out of" wat I said lol. Hardworking SS even researched on this lor... haha.
*It's wierd... why it's so when I face some ppl. Shy?*

Went straight for HC230's tut... which is a few tut rms away from TR165. There were less than 10 of us at the tut lol. Mr Wu was kind of "in his world" again while explaining the文言文s to us. *Hmm dun blame him... I think that's hw a philosopher think, teach and talk though haha.* Well... seems like孔子is much more积极as compared to陶渊明when it comes to "saving society". 但的确相比之下,道家的思想似乎是比较自我的,而儒家的积极入世则对社会有贡献。I can't rmb wat exactly I din like about Confucianism when we studied Philosophy back at Zhejiang last time but I reckon it's gt sth to do with him classifying ppl into diff categories.
*人,有时候没有想象中冷漠。Hopefully I dun appear so to ppl.*

Met SS at Chi lib, printed some notes and we left. SS went for her tuition today, while I went for tuition with Jorrick too. *Hmm... I juz took up a new tuition near my house area... sec 1 Sci... pray I dun screw it up haha.*

Caught "New York, I Love You".

I din get some of the stories, but I loved the old couple the most.
"Lift your feet!"
"I'm lifting, I'm lifting!"

Rating: 3.25/5