Table Tennis at JE Sports Cultural Centre with Jess

*I won't dare to wear tee and shorts to office in future... it's attracting way to much attention haha.*

Chatted With Jess and YL early morning in office ysd. YL gave us 8 "geeky" qns to ans and oh well, I could get a few of it right LOL. *Well... working the brain definitely woke me up haha~*
Lunch shared汤圆with Jess... I liked the one with peanut fillings.

*Do I look better with my hair tied up? Hehe~*
Jess and I took bus 198 to JE after work. We booked table tennis table 2, from 7-9pm... for $6.40. There's net provided... which was gd since we din had one.
Randomly snapped a photo while we waited for some other ppl to finish their game. It was really warm in there... and kinda noisy cos u hear those pro badminton players smack their shuttlecocks nw and then haha.
*Aish I tot we had a rm to ourselves for the table... cos it's kinda丢脸to play beside some pro table tennis player nex to us neh~*

It's been long since Jess last played table tennis... few yrs ago ba? Haha. This gal I think she's too used to playing badminton... and so therefore all her balls were kinda "air ball"... flew real high haha... and so I had to "rescue" them... play it lower... and there were many times when the ball hit the net! Oh and I bet Jess had quite a "gd" time picking up balls haha... she "no licence" u see... so the ball went really far at times lol.
One "memorable" time was this: I hit the ball over to Jess, and well the ball hit the corner of her bat... and OMG it hit right in the face of the guy playing table tennis nex to her! LOL~ tat guy was trying to focus playing their games so I saw his ">.<" face when our ball "smashed" him from beside HAHA! Poor Jess was feeling so apologetic but lucky the guy din mind. *I "consoled" Jess tat lucky it wasn't a tennis ball... imagine he'd hav concussion ba!? LOL.* The guys were nice enough to remind us to take our nets while we we went toilet.
*Hmm I muz go find and read the rules of playing proper table tennis haha.*

Okie playing table tennis isn't as tiring as badminton. I rmbed when I played with QW last time... 30mins and I'm deadbeat haha. But for table tennis... it was tiring at 1st, but after an hr... somehw I began to feel energetic instead... haha... so enjoyed the game a lot since then. Jess and I were super thirsty after the game... but I wasn't hungry at all. We sat at KFC for a while, b4 we went home.

Showered and I caught 2010 World Cup's 1st match... South Africa VS Mexico. *OMG... 2 to 3 hotties I saw in Mexico's team haha~* It was a 1-1 draw result... and man I tot there would be extended time to分胜负but alas... no.

Sat noon went四马路观音庙with mum... gt to go pray since I'm gg Bangkok the wk after nex haha.