PartyWorld with Shirlyn & Esther

*该断了吧?都这么久了,不可能的。往前看~ 再寻找!*

Was reading this blog of an angmoh nicknamed "angryangmoh", and he had many interesting posts on general view towards SG and Singaporeans. Jess found his blog while she was randomly surfing the net and recommended me to it... and well she laughed badly on the post talking about Singaporeans' "tsk tsk tsk" manners and "Scuse, Scuse me" way of talking lol. I was reading thru them and indeed, he is humourous from the pt of an expat, and since my colleagues and I were on the topic of coffee some days ago, I found this post of his very useful... esp to Singaporeans like me who simply doesn't know the the diff types of KOPI in SG hawkers:

• Kopi: Coffee with condensed milk
• Kopi-O: Coffee without milk and only sugar
• Kopi-C: Coffee with evaporated milk

• Kopi-gau: Coffee (strong brew)
• Kopi-po: Coffee (weak brew)
• Kopi-C-kosong: Coffee with evaporated milk and no sugar (’kosong” means empty in Malay)
• Kopi-O-kosong: Coffee without sugar or milk
• Kopi-O-kosong-gau: A strong brew of coffee without sugar or milk
• Kopi-bing or Kopi-ice or Kopi-Peng: Coffee with milk, sugar and ice
• Kopi-xiu-dai: Coffee with less sugar
• Kopi-gah-dai: Coffee with extra sweetened milk
• Kopi-Di-Lo: All coffee, no water

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And while I linked here and there, I saw this intriguing post on "How foreigners cut their durians"... it's hilarious and I wonder hw they're gonna eat durians this way~ haha.

So thks to Jess, I had a morning of laughter... even though I did fell sleepy halfway haha. And oh yeah, I haven mention Jess and I finally gotten our chance to eat the prawn mee we'd been waiting for a few days on Mon! The soup was marvellous~ love it... oh cos the noodles and prawns were great too.
Poor Jess... she queued up 45mins for the Ghim Moh famous Fried Kway Teow ($3)... juz to get 1 packet~ haha! I rmbed eating it with ZX b4, and both of us tot it was normal nia. *Ah I happily finished my小碗面and Jess was oni in the middle of the queue nia lol.*

*Phew... lucky it was oni a misunderstanding on my part.*
Night met Shirlyn and Esther for singing session at Tanjong Pagar's PartyWorld. Long since I saw them both... esp Esther. The place is really big sia... but according to the waiter, tat outlet's closing by 20th this mth... gonna shift to Serangoon... too bad it's far.
I tot the system was nt bad... juz a bit "over-blasting" haha. We were singing like super high songs most of the time haha... Esther and I were super thrilled when we sung S.H.E's rock songs~ omg "Shero" was WOW! I personally like Shirlyn singing“逆光”、“真实”and“如果有一天”... her voice is actualli powerful enough to carry these songs de. *Suddenly realise hw "thin" my voice is... ah doi.* Esther ah? She too long nv sing le la... very fast out of breath lol. We sang for 4 hrs, till 10.30+pm, and there were fruits, tidbits and each of us had 1 drink... near $20 each person. *Price ok la... take it as gathering lor!*
Oh Esther, Shirlyn and I were talking about "eye-candies" and our type of guys when singing. Esther's fav is like Show Luo, while Shirlyn's one was Wu Chun haha. As for mine... my "type of guy" changes all the time... and honestly it depends a lot on "feel" haha. And atm... it shld be Jong Hyun from C.N.Blue! Lol~ he looks like a mix bet. Vic Chou and Lee Minho for me haha. See tat perfect side-profile below? Haha.