Korean variety shows + The Back-up Plan

*Watched U-Kiss's "Smoke-Free Song" campaign on Music Core... haha... bubbly guys!*

*I'm envious tat SS could go to SJ's concert in SG with her sis~ OMG!*

QW came this afternoon and we caught some korean drama varities tat I'd dl-ed lately. Can't rmb in wat order we watched, but I did show her like some song performance shows like "Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate episode 100 special", "Dream Concert 2010", Music Core, Music Bank etc. Oh and man we reminiscenced DBSK's unreleased performance on a Jap variety too~ their live performance was mind-blowing! 

"MTV Idol United" featuring U-Kiss, MBLAQ, F.Cuz and대국남아was boring... basically soccer stuff. "Strong Heart" with NichKhun, Junsu, Lee Teuk, Shin Dong and Eun Hyke on it was funny... the show focused more on Nichkhun... it's pretty gd tat he's rather "honest" there haha.
We laughed a lot while watching U-Kiss's“厨师之吻”! *Eli was so gd at "catching chicken"... "man" neh~ lol.* I can't wait to watch the nex epi... on the 1st day opening of "U-Kiss Steakhouse"!
Oh the 4th epi of "Idol League" was hilarious~ U-Kiss members failed in their mission again la haha.

DInner went JP, with QW. We had dinner at Menichi... too famished so I oni took a photo... b4 I dug into my food haha. The Tom Yam soup wasn't very "tom-yamish" la... okie nia.

Caught "The Back-up Plan" at night.
Paranoid husband-to-be haha.

Rating: 3.5/5

*J.Y.J's live in Tokyo Dome looks amazing from the fan accounts. Oh man... DBSK do come back as 5 someday!*