Memoirs of a Geisha + 混混天团

*U-Kiss members were so freaking funny on RazorTV's interview! Alexander's really gd with words... and Ki Seop actualli put tat 50cents coin into his nostril so easily haha!*

Caught "Memoirs of a Geisha" late ysn. Decided to find and catch this after watching a documentary on Geisha on NHK World back in BKK.
I dunno but I felt it would be a pity if Chiyo couldn't be with the man she loves.
Nvm if the actresses were nt Japanese, or the fact tat they spoke Eng instead... I liked the whole story plot. Gong Li as tat evil Geisha was gd.

Rating: 3.5/5

Was watching a dl-ed vid of Portugal VS North Korea, cos I knew the results was 7-0 knockout and so wanted to see hw it happened. It was pouring and I tot the North Korean players were rather gd in controlling the ball even on a rainy day. Sad thing I guess it was really slippery... Portugese players shot in 6 goals during the 2nd half of the game. Hmm... was half-hearted since it's nt a live show haha.

As I'm blogging nw, I'm oso watching the live telecast of World Cup England VS Germany... ah 2 of my fav teams and they hav to fight it out! Players like Rooney, Lampard, Gerrad, Klose, Lahm, Poldoski and Muller... oh so many star players to look out for. Germany played to a 4-1 win over England... well they deserve it imo. Their passes were rather accurate thruout. As for England, there's supposedly a goal-in in the 1st half of the game by Gerrad but it seems the referee made a judgement error there, causing England team a pt there. *Think I'm a little biased towards Germany team though... glad they won.*

Watched "混混天团" at night.
Nv seen Leon Jay Williams like a rebel, gangster... he's totally thrown off the "prince" look here.
Like Van's voice a lot... great songs in the show.

Rating: 3/5

Chanced upon this collection of DBSK's a cappella singing! They are wonderful! What harmonious singing which I reckon few new bands/grps in Korea nowadays can do. It's almost the main reason why I love DBSK. *Well, I guess this is the reason why one couldn't let go of loving DBSK even if they're on hiatus now.*