Happy Father's Day 2010 + The Good Guy

*Alexander was funny as the "fake referee" on "Star King" LOL.*
*rRandom: And after watching "Star King", I really think that I've the serious prob of poor indigestion!*

Sat evening went YB's house...reached ard 7+pm. YB's dad was like "So late ah... u here to help wash the bowls!?" Lol. Yes as usual, had her parent's wonderful dishes... but I tot the sausages and lean meat were a bit salty for me haha. The green curry was nice! Later into the night, YB's dad cooked up spicy clams and crab meat! OMG the crab meat was really sweet~ and the clams' sauce was nt bad too... juz tat they were nt spicy at all haha!
It was YB's cousin's 23rd bday... so they gt a 1.5kg longan + peach cake~ ah the fruits were delicious. *They celebrated Fathers' Day as well haha.* ZL, YT, YB and Francis played mahjong late till ard 2.30am sia... and lucky I din play... cos I "helped" Francis lost 4bucks in 2rounds while he was in the shower haha. *我会莫名地没信心at mahjong... dunno why haha.*
YB's parents' ex-colleagues were there at their house for a chat. *Hw did YB's dad "pursue" her mum!?* Her relatives were there too... and I dunno why but I heard YB introducing me to them while I went into the kitchen... as a Chi student haha. *Her aunt was looking at me... with "tat smile"... made me feel proud of myself for no reason LOL.* I went into YT's rm and caught World cup soccer match online with her uncle. 2 of us were chatting... her uncle's quite a talker haha. We were watching South Korea against Greece... and omg South Korea was rather gd. Later, I caught Argentina VS Nigeria with JY... but tat match wasn't as exciting ba. *Messi has the hairstyle tat of a 50s, 60s western actor kind~ haha.*
After the mahjong session ended, I went YB's rm to continue with England VS USA's soccer match since 2.30am haha. Oh that was a real fight... I wanted England to win la... but aiyoh Rooney missed many chances! YB was there "watching" too... haha erm ok we were talking about other stuff most of the time haha.

Slpt at 5am, and we woke up at 12.30pm on Sun haha. *I dreamt that some ppl were practising Taiji under the moonlight~ so wierd!* Went online and ordered some clothes from a spree tat Jess and I wanted. After tat, YT, Francis, YB and I had pizza for brunch... the pepperoni one was quite nice. *$28 for 2 pizza... ok la.*
Helped YB dye her hair.... 1st time in my life sia! The chemical smell from the Liese mix was terrible... couldn't stand it. Anyway, it was kind of a light brown colour she gt... and I spent about 10-15mins doing her hair... helping her spread the foam. *Dang I was nervous!* We waited for about 45mins b4 we went into the bathrm and I helped her wash off the chemical on her hair haha... oh my she was screaming LOL. *Wierd... feels like oni mothers do this for their daughters~ LOL.* Anyway... washing the hair alone gt her tee and face wet through haha. Lucky the colour came out kinda even though... okie I feel a little satisfied of myself hehe.

Oh and I finally gt 2 other of my It's Skin serum from YB... Power 10 PO and VC Effector. So nw my 3 serums are...
It's Skin Power 10 LI Effector, 30ml
Function: Concentrated serum contains licorice extract which has a brightening effect to tone reddened and somber skin caused by UV rays and skin troubles.
It's Skin Power 10 PO Effector, 30ml
Function: Silky essence especially designed to treat pores, containing highly concentrated Houttuynia cordata extracts with the superior function of sebum control and 4 other ingredients combined to tighten pores for the management of pores.
It's Skin Power 10 VC Effector, 30ml
Function: Brightening serum containing vitamin C and green tea components suppresses the formation of freckles that can make skin look dull and dark, and tightens pores to leave skin fair and luminous.

Sun evening went to the hawker downstairs and had dinner for Father's Day celebration 2010! *The uncle who sellsdrinks was kinda surprised to see my whole family there... haha难得.* This is an early celebration cos I reckon it's gonna be packed nex Sunday for dinner almost everywhere haha.
We had 4 dishes in all: 紫菜汤、泰式炸鸡、菠菜and亚参鱼头~ The菠菜and亚参鱼头, esp the latter, were yummy to the core! *The sauce was so开胃la... "finger-licking" sia~* The紫菜汤was average, but then the泰式炸鸡was kind of a failure la... the meat was too tough. *I was telling mum we could juz order菠菜and亚参鱼头nex time we eat there hehe.* It costed us $33 nia... cheap neh. Oh well... I was so full I couldn't eat anymore towards the end... felt difficulty even when I walked LOL.

*Why do I always feel so busy? Preparations for BKK trip and overseas exchange to Fudan is enough!*

Caught "The Good Guy" at night.
Oh my the "good guy"... I tot wrong right from the beginning of the movie!
Then again... are brainy kids all tat gd? Lol.

Rating: 3.5/5