*Quoting a line from the movie, "Monga" (which JQ posted on FB): "风往哪个方向吹,草就往哪个方向倒,年轻的时候我也以为自己是风,可是最后遍体鳞伤,我才知道原来我们都只是草。" Seeing DBSK's situation nw, with Hero, Micky and Xiah forming a new trio grp, U-Know & Max staying under SM... let's juz hope tat他们都顺对了风向吧。*
Saw U-Know in an MV, "안영 내사랑"... and he looks gd... esp in the last scene.

Went sch in the afternoon to hand in HC205's final assignment. After tat went Chi lib to find SS, MT and YY there, finding info for HC205's exams. Michelle joined us later haha... and 5 of us went for dinner at Pizza Hut at ard 4+pm. *It's early dinner for the 4gals, nt me~* I only had 4 drumlets, while others had their student meals with Pizzas and spags... I reckon quite worth the price.
MT, YY and Michelle went off after tat, while SS and I stayed to walk ard in JP, since SS has tuition at 8pm. *Saw LC queuing for waffles~* 2 of us "graced" Popular, Comics Connection, many shoes shop, clothes shop... and in the end Donut Empire too~ and nice SS treated me to 1 Mango donut lol. *Oh SS really loves heels... and guess wat? She loves to shop lingerie shops too HAHA!*

SS left at 7+pm, and I window shopped ard while waiting for JQ to come. The gal finally came~ and we went to have dinner at Benten Cafe. She was famished and had spag and green tea ice-cream dessert, while I had this salmon kimchi Don + Banana split ice-cream dessert ($20.80)!
It was average for the main dish I tot. JQ looked like she enjoyed her cabonara spag though... and both of us were on and on about movies and stuffs... she's lame as ever. I'll rmb this: there's this "clam-like" seafood (sorry I dunno wat it's called) in her dish, and one of it looked like the shell can't be open, so can't eat the meat inside. I told her those maybe不够熟. JQ put it aside, then said: "你跟它多说话,说多了,就熟了啊!" LOL!

I accompanied her and re-watched "艋胛". Din make the wrong choice of watching this in the cinema... love the movie. Understood more things when I re-watch it a 2nd time. JQ told me about the吊诡in the last scene... and I was surprised cos I din realise和尚died outside a shop selling dead ppls' stuff.
As for the "gay thingy" gg on bet和尚and his feelings for志龙... there is definitely sth more than brotherhood there I reckon... I mean audience can assume tat haha.
JQ liked the movie a lot, me too hehe. 142mins long... and I think they gt cut a bit le. Movie ended near 12am, and JQ caught her last bus 30 home, while I took the 2nd last bus 154 back home haha.