Clash of the Dinosaurs: The Defenders

Finally done with notes writing for HC203... honestly I was blindly writing these few days... which meant nth much went into my brain. *Well, all I'd hope for is to at least finish writing the notes atm mah haha.*

Had tuition with Saya. Her friend was there revising with me b4 I reached... and it's cool to know tat her friend's a total foreigner, yet speaks rather gd mandarin. *Oh I guess Toffey's really nice to "sayang" haha.* We played the "Time-->Who-->Where-->Doing what" game Ben taught me long ago... it's funny when we form "funny sentences" cos they dun make much "normal sense"... we hav sentences like "It's 3am and my dog's singing in the bathroom." Lol.
Gonna skip the nex 2wks of lessons with her cos it's her exams nex wk, and mine after nex wk haha. *$ has to come after studies I reckon.*

*I really wanna watch Channel 8's“红白喜事”drama at 9pm but I dun think I would be able to keep up every Mon to Fri... so hopefully I can find it online nex time.*

Watched "Clash of the Dinosaurs: The Defenders" by Discovery Channel.
I never knew the Triceratops' defence would frighten a T-Rex. And omg how can a dino's neck be 4-storeys long!? Hw can one's stomach be as big as a swimming pool, a dino farting along its journey, brain size equivalent to tat of ratio: human brain is to a bean etc... amazing facts.
And I loved the SFX, visuals, as well as hw all these professors and researchers spoke on the show... made the whole documentary kind of intense in a way... it excites audience haha!

Rating: 4/5