Paraiso Travel

*Hero's permed hairstyle on AnAn jap mag is wow! And hw handsome can Takeshi Kaneishiro get omg!?*

Begun writing notes for lit exam this afternoon... still at the very beginning of盛唐nia... lol. After tuition with Jonnas, came home and did research for HC110's final report. I din want to do“永盛街兴衰史”at 1st but since it's somehw the easiest among all, I've decided to do this. Was listening to“客途秋恨”this Cantonese song sung by a veteran singer... 10mins on youtube and even though I dun understand the dialect, I tot the song sounded kinda sad though... judging from the melody. Hmm... a tad too bad since I think I would be looking into the meaning of this song with reference to Hong Kong's history for the report.

*I slpt too much le ba!?*

Tot the plot looked interesting, so I caught "Paraiso Travel".


Rating: 3.25/5