*It could be over-sensitivity on my part, but y do I feel tat offended by his words? Lucky, music sorta saved me from a troubled mind a moment ago.*

*Schedule's ever-changing. Can't stand this.*

Last HC230 lecture and tut today. Prof苏新鋈was on名家tots... and well sorta glad tat he explained it quite well... cos I wasn't really able to comprehend the theories at 1st.
"Finger-itchy" so I took some snap-shots of cher... *Dun worry I'll make sure I stay in contact with cher then CNY go his house get angpow hehe~*
U see? "The earth is round" theory... lol.

Met Jess at Can A for lunch... tried the Salmon rice ($4) 1st time cos Jess said Jap food there was nice... and oh so nice... esp the crab meat salad! *Hw I wish I could hav a tub of tat at tat moment!* Chatted and it feels gd to catch up again haha.
Went back South Spine for HC230's tut after tat and yeah Prof Su shared with us hw he went thru World War II... and his life as a student... interesting. *Gosh... he was born in 1937!* Din say much about exams though but aiyah... HC230's open-book exam... hopefully as long as I noe wat to write the min I see the qns then gd enough le haha.

Went home with Corine... din noe we stay near each other. We went NTUC and she gt salmon for her uncle... I wanted to buy Sushi but since I already had salmon for lunch... haha I din in the end.
*Stupid bus uncle! Let me alight but nv turned on the electronic thing for tapping ez-link! $2 fly le la~*

*Browsing thru history txtbk and seeing the amt of facts to memorise almost caused turmoil in my brain.*

I need a BREAK after wat seems like a huge concussion in my brain. "Kaiji" is my "Kit-Kat" for tonight!
Hey I liked the "E poker game" haha. Oh and gosh the male lead's gt guts la... if it was me, I'd fall at the高吊桥there cos I gt acrophobia lol.

Rating: 3.75/5

*Weather's so hot tat I gotta tie up my hair even in front of my lappy at night.*