Agathe Clery

Near 11+am when I woke up on mon. Re-arranged HC110's notes and realise I still had so many notes tat I haven read b4! Decided nt to read most of them... give up... juz focus on the ones in tuts and lecs. *Pls dun出题from lec notes de小说ah~*
Was literally struggling after lunch... to try to read the very 1st tut novel: “蛇先生”by赖和 "yet to no avail" wor... brain simply refused to take in any infos. 

Had tuition with Jonnas and Jorrick, so I went out at 4+pm, and man I really couldn't get myself to read any HC110 tut notes at all for the whole day! Sad fact but anyway, it's been more than 1.5mths since I stopped tuition with Jorrick. His 15th bday was in March... so finally passed him his belated bday gift I gt from Mini Toons some time ago. 
Purpose of this pen? To remind him to write his chi characters 10X bigger in future! Juz like the head of cute "Mr. Dicey" haha~ My students' exam days falls on either the same wk as mine, or a wk later. Quite troublesome cos I hav to stop tuition for the whole wk nex wk... but yeah studies come 1st... for ME! Lol.

Came home and had late dinner b4 I forced myself to do some notes-writing for HC110. Managed to at least "write blindly" la... and I plan to leave the rest of the reading, analysing and writing on Sat and Sun... feeling time is running out but hopefully I'd hav tat 2 days entirely to HC110 itself.
And jus b4 I turned on my lappy, I arranged my notes for HC203, preparing for a coming "4-non-stop-days-of-chi-lit-memorising" work... and dang the min I held onto my stack of唐诗notes for memorising by tml... one single thought came to mind: 吐! *Imagine I've like 4 torturous days ahead, and with no confidence I can memorised properly by then neh! Really, good-bye lappy for the nex 4days... have a "gd rest" for the time being.* 

2PM's new song "Without U" came out! Hmm seriously this MV is "too black" le la... 黑漆漆的... macham "blacker" than my mood nw lol. The whole scene's so dark tat I almost can't tell who are the members... 更不要说谁好看啦... they were drenched/soaked like 3/5 of the MV so... lol. I dunno but this song juz hasn't grow on me as yet.

*Hero was on Jap variety show "Telephone Shocking Corner"... he's uber cute but the male host was like "molesting" him in front of those female fans... he kept touching Hero's“胸肌”la... saying hw“结实”it is~ Lol!*

Well, some humour b4 I go mugging... "Agathe Clery".
It's a french musical! Oh mine~ long since I last saw movie musicals.
And at 1st I tot the person in the 2nd pic was a guy...反串-ing a gal! Haha.
So much for despising Blacks, she became a Black herself... due to a disease. And until she falls in love with a Black, then she gt to "turn back" white again arghhh!
诙谐幽默地看待种族融合... thumbs up.

Rating: 3.5/5