History Channel: Life After People + Did You Hear About The Morgans?

*rRandom tThoughts: It takes a lot, besides courage, to rebel. It's hard, but sometimes u juz want to, or more so... hav to.*

*It doesn't feel appreciated to hav helped, and yet rushed later. 人吃人的世界,我可以选择不当好人。*
Met KY in the morning and we went Lee Wee Nam lib together. Brought my history txtbk cos she wanted to photocopy those infos for HC205's exam. Saw WS there too, and 3 of us had lunch together at Can A. Hehe I had Jap salmon rice again cos"意犹未尽"since I had it previously. KY was craving for her Teriyaki chicken one too even though she's too full lol. *I almost tot WS likes green colour too... and I almost tot "Hey, YQ~ you've gt a pal here!" Lol.* WS left for mugging with his friend, and soon WY came over.
3 of us went LT18 for HC110's final lecture today. Hmm... yeah I agree Mr Huang's“仁至义尽”liao la... telling us the 1st qns for exam haha. I am interested in the poem qn that would come out, but then again, I'm scared tat I'd analyse it wrongly lol.

Went home with YQ, and I alighted at Clementi and went for tuition at Gokla's house. It began to pour all of a sudden though. *Poor me... I happen to wear an ankle-length skirt today!*

Caught "History Channel: Life After People".
It's intriguing... cockroaches果然“打不死”, and I can't imagine half a million wolves roaming in the states of US.
The production team used a "real-life example" to showcase wat they actualli mean by "life after the disappearance of human: the city of Pripyat. This city was abandoned since 1986, after the Chernobyl disaster. Well, maybe I could agree with the biologist on one thing: tat Earth's still gg to thrive on even if humans were gone.
Though, I still reckon it's sad to be gone.

Rating: 3.25/5

Then, it's "Did You Hear About The Morgans?"
An accidental get-away... a saved marriage.

Rating: 3.25/5