Tuition with Goklas from 2-4pm, gt a big 20bucks angpow from his mum... tot it was some shopping voucher when I 1st opened the angpow and peeked at it. I mean even my relatives dun really giv this much haha. *不熟的人反而给更多。而且我觉得外国人比较generous haha~*
Met WZ at Clementi and we had dinner at the coffee shop. She juz ended her tuition with Jonas too... her last lesson with him cos she's flying over to Shanghai in a few days' time, so Jonas will be having tuition with me from nex fri onwards! There's always things to talk about when we catch up so haha... talked till like nearly 7pm b4 I gotta leave for discussion of HC205's ppt on MSN with ZJ they all at night.
*"Mentally unstable..." LOL! I dun really mean it la... juz maybe loss for words ba? Hehe~*

*网上讨论遇到communication breakdown时,不要针对"problem", but on "solution"。。。事情就会迎刃而解了! Learnt from the concept of "constructive feedback" from HW111C lol~*

2PM and SHINee's dance performance... I liked it! *Junho ah... u look like u're way "too fit" for the outfit le la!*