Shopping @ Bugis with MT


Gt into our grps at HW111C for assignment 3... when we haven even started to touch our 1st assignment for the module lol. Din "tio" analysing poem for HC203... and I'm considering pon-ing nex wk's tut... haiz I really dun wanna my grade for this module to be pulled down cos of tut... wat a waste.
After HW111C's lect, all the other gals went home, while MT and I went Bugis V to shop. We went to this famous云吞面place to eat... MT's recommendation. It was nice.
Then, we began our long shopping trip in Bugis V. MT said she wanted a chaquered top, so we walked ard, and as we were gg round, I realised she loved off-shoulder tops as well... maybe cos she mentioned she wanted sth "decent" tat she could wear to her cousin's wedding. Some were nice among those she saw... and in the end, she finally gt one "brownish-bling-bling" off-shoulder top for 12bucks... tat one's kinda "woo"~
We walked ard a few rounds at the place, and anyway she'd gt a red chaquered top plus its belt b4 her off-shoulder top. MT loves red colour to the core haha.
*My "rocker" style!? Eh... maybe more towards street wear ba haha.*
We went back Bugis V in the evening... walked ard a bit b4 we decided to hav dinner at Machika(?).
The Miso soup and Chawamushi weren't nice... a tad too bland. I loved only my prawn sushi... super nice... and it was 1-for-1 cos MT ordered her spicy tuna(?) ones. A full meal costed us ard $16 each.

*Shld I buy a hair straightener? So I could hav "straight hair" as and when I want to!*

Then, MT wanted to go over to Iluma. So we went and walked ard a little. I gt DBSK's hp strap ($2.50) cos MT showed me... tempted when she showed me my SE Aino could actualli allow for the hanging of the strap.

Gt myself a Chewy Junior Double Choc b4 I went home... cos actualli planned to eat it while watching "Avatar". Sadly, the "Avatar" I watched was in an "alien lang" which I din understand... and I needed to hear Eng badly... so I guess I can only watch it another day la.