Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

"He-whom-always-sat-and-looked-down-on-the-flr-while-teaching" lit tut last time dur HC201... came back to relief 2wks of HC205's tut this time round! Yeah like wat WT said, he walks ard quite a lot this time round haha. And I somehw liked the way he talked nw... more vibrant. And lucky he doesn't call names to anaylse poems... heng ah. *Right up till nw, I'm the only one in my tut who hasn't gt any pts for participation doi~*

After tat, XY, YY and I went to find Prof Phua regarding INSTEPs stuff. YY wanted to ask about her Chiao Tung uni things... cos there's no Chinese course there. Then prof Phua told me tat Michelle, WT and I might nt be able to take modules outside Chi course in Fudan cos the MOM they signed with NTU long ago somehw stated so... it depends if Fudan allows us to do so when we reach there. And so far, no senior has taken modules outside of Chi course sia. *Why like tat!? I wanna clear my UEs neh!* YY more cham la... she's like the 1st NTU Chi student gg to Chiao Tung uni in新竹... though there are 4 others gg over to清华大学, tats a street across her uni.

Dinner had the worst面粉米果 I had tasted in my life @ JP Kopitiam... 4bucks so unworth.
Caught "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief " with PH at night. MY and her bf were there to watch the same movie too.

PH even went HARRIS to grab this novel after the movie. She liked it.
Ok la... the effects were quite nice. But I din like the ugly monsters in there. Ancient Greek mythologies are definitely fancinating though.
Couldn't stop comparing the movie with "Harry Potter" lol. But then again, this is only the 1st part to the series, so I can't wait to see the 2nd movie.
Rating: 3.75/5

*I want to go Universal Studios Orlando some day! My Harry Potter theme park ah~*