Learn make-up~

Sat with MC, Donovan and ZJ during HC203's lect. We need to discuss our grp's debate for HC205's tut at 3.30pm. MC was "yelling" for help when he saw me lol... so lent him my history txtbk and I reckon he understood more about汉朝's“一国两制”thing. *Actualli I'm kinda confused myself... even more so after the tut itself today!*

Left for HC110's lect, and we were learning about "post-modernism" in Taiwan's literature since the 80s... it's cool how they wrote poems... so“没头没尾”sometimes but Mr Huang actualli managed to解读pretty "chim" concepts out from it... haiz~ 我的“功夫还不到家”haha.

HC205's debate was kind of a disaster... I dunno if I did my part well cos I heard myself stumbling as I was too nervous. I talked pretty fast too, according to Yvonne haha. *No choice ah... cher was like rushing all of us... the 1st round of presenters Yvonne, Donovan and MC were being "rushed" too.* ZJ was the only one doing the debate during the“自由辩论”round... lol. I guess the other 4 of us, including me, were too busy with thinking of wat to say for our parts instead of listening to the other grp's pt of views haha. WS might hav some exp in debating... cos he actualli called each of us debators like "T1", "T4" etc... I reckon this is how u称呼one another in a real debate? Lol. K la... his理论quite funny at times... I felt like rebutting inside... but I dun hav the confidence in a debate (in front of others)... I think I'll mess up haha.
Anyway, the whole debate was... a failure? Cos cher like nt really listening to us... esp when during one time when ZJ was rebutting... he was helping the other grp... but I think he din really get ZJ's idea in the 1st place haiz. “封建”really is a diff term... and cher said this will come out in exams! *It's a closed bk exam for HC205 but he would release the qns b4-hand to us.*

After tat, met YY in the lib and saw her finding notes for lit tut. We took shuttle bus C to her hall 15... the air-conditioned hall. Renovation for AYG was well done la... there everything use "card tap" to access... even her door lock too haha. YY's gd at make-up stuff, cos she always read those fashion mag, and her mum's someone in the field as well, so I asked her to teach me the basics! Believe it or nt, I couldn't recall wat YB told me about which to use (concealer, blusher, BB cream etc) 1st and next, when she gave me the make-up pdts my sec sch friends gt me as my 21st bday present last yr. YY nt only taught me the basics (with watever I had on hand), she gave me some tips on make-ups too haha... thks gal. We did one round of make-up there... with her demonstrating and me following suit hehe. Then, we went to the toilet to wash off b4 gg to JP for dinner.
Was on the bus with her and we were on the topic of "eye candies" when I "accidentally" “挖了一些YY's情史”LOL~ she blurted out herself suddenly lol... and it was too late... I kept bombarding her with qns after tat.
*YY's history of love relationships有点像偶像剧里会看到的情节... haha.*
We had quick dinner at food court, then went Sasa and Watsons to look at eyeliners and eyeshadows. Gt them both haha... with YY there, guiding and testing those stuffs out... since I noe practically nth about them haha. Wanted to get my hair straightener... but couldn't find the 3-in-1 function one... so I guess I shall buy it myself another day then.
*Sian lotsa essays coming up... the researching process is always e toughest.*

2PM's Cass Music Drama, featuring Yoon Eunhye is out! It's only a 12mins drama... but I liked it! NichKhun as the superstar, Junsu as his manager, Eunhye as the friend who likes NichKhun secretly, Taecyeon and Wooyoung as the police, and T-ara's member as a stalker fan haha. All 2PM's members looked dashing here... and Junsu's hair during the fight at the club reminded me of that of Jang Gun Suk's in "You're Beautiful"! The ending might be predictable for some ppl, but nt to others... I liked it cos it reminded me of DBSK's banjun drama "Dangerous Love", whr Xiah and Max were being stalked and kidnapped by a crazy fan haha!